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YSU Wins Awards in “Giga Device Cup” the13th China Graduate Electronics Design Contest



[News from the News Center] From Aug. 19th to 22nd, the “Giga Device Cup” 13th China Graduate Electronics Design Contest was held. Three YSU projects won first, second, and third prize in technology respectively. Li Yingwei was awarded “excellent instructor”, and YSU “excellent organization”.

YSU team

(Photo from School of Information Science and Engineering)

The 13th contest attracted 2437 teams, including 1959 in technology. In the preliminary competition of North China Division on July 6th, YSU won 3 first prizes, 4 second prizes, and 5 third prizes, and was recommended to the national contest for 3 first prizes. Finally, 267 teams from 112 universities and colleges entered the final of technology, including YSU and Shijiazhuang Tiedao University, the only two teams in Hebei Province. Winning the first prize and being elected into Top 10 was a breakthrough since YSU participated in the contest, and is an opportunity for YSU to further encourage graduate students to participate in innovative and practical contests, effectively improve the innovation and practical ability of postgraduates, and train more talents.

China Graduate Electronics Design Contest is a discipline competition for postgraduates sponsored by the Academic Degree and Graduate Education Center of MoE, Guiding Committee of the National Graduate Education Steering for Professional Engineering Degree, and the Chinese Institute of Electronics. The contest is an innovative and creative practice of group-based electronic design for graduate students nationwide. It aims to promote the reform and innovation of postgraduate training mode of information and electronics, to cultivate the innovative spirit, research and system implementation ability, and team cooperation spirit of postgraduates, to promote the internationalization of education and technology development, and to build an exchange platform for talents training, for achievement display and for industry-college-institute-cooperation.

(Translated by Xing Tong)

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