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YSU wins awards in the 6th National College Students Optoelectronic Design Competition



[News from the News Center] From July 26 to 28, the 6th National College Students Optoelectronic Design Competition was held in Beijing Institute of Technology. There were 392 teams from 108 universities across the country, and more than 1,400 teachers and students participated in the competition. After three days of fierce competition, the six entries of our university won 5 Second Prizes and 1 Third Prize. YSU won the Outstanding Organization Award.

YSU team in the competition

This competition consists of two topics: "Visible Light Imaging System for Penetrating Frosted Glass" and "Sports Vehicle for Photoelectric Search". In the " Visible Light Imaging System for Penetrating Frosted Glass ", Yan Da Ruiguang team (participants: Zhu Yi, Liu Runhua, Liu Yuanjing, instructor: Fu Guangwei), Beginners team (participants: Qiao Yan, Ao Juan, Wang, Tingyan, instructor: Fu Xinghu), Chenggedaxiang team (participants: Zhou Qian, Li Wen, Zhang Hui, instructor: Fu Guangwei), The Light-seeking team (participants: Xue Yaxu, Yan Kuo, Ding Shuaimin, instructor: Fu Xinghu) won the National Second Prize respectively.

In the "Sports Vehicle for Photoelectric Search" competition, Yanyuan Ruiguang team (participants: Zhang Sheng, Wei Zixiang, Xu Yan, instructor: Bi Weihong, Fu Guangwei) won the National Second Prize, Wuxiezhuaiwosi team (participants: Liu Jianxin, Yan Xinqi, Cui Mengqian, instructor: Wang Wei) won the National Third Prize.

YSU team

YSU participants’ excellent performance and outstanding achievements fully demonstrated that our university has attached great importance to the cultivation of students' innovative consciousness and practical ability. The curriculum integrated professional knowledge with exploration and practice, which contributed to the cultivation of students’ practical ability and teamwork spirit in practice.

The contest invited Academician Gong Qihuang of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Academician Zhou Liwei of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor Wang Xiaofeng of Beijing Institute of Technology, Professor Liu Xu of Zhejiang University, Professor Yu Daoyin of Tianjin University, Professor Zheng Xiaodong of Zhejiang University, Professor Huang Yifan of Beijing Institute of Technology, Professor Liu Xiangdong of Zhejiang University, Professor Fu Yuegang from Changchun University of Science and Technology and other famous experts. The final consists of three parts: the work display, the physical competition and the theoretical defense.

The competition is closely related to the current cutting-edge technology and research topics in the field of optoelectronics. It emphasizes the multi-disciplinary integration and the ability of students to use knowledge to solve problems. It has high standards in testing students’ ability in the optical theory, system design of photoelectric detection, recognition and imaging. At the same time, it also comprehensively assessed the proficiency of the teams in mechanical control, image processing algorithms and other multi-disciplinary skills, fully reflecting the guidance of students' independent exploration and independent innovation ability.

(Translated by Liu Shuai)

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