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YSU Wins Award in the 12th CEDC North China Division Final



[News from the News Center] From Aug. 2nd to 4th, the North China Division Final of the 12th National Undergraduate Chemical Engineering Design Competition (CEDC) was held at China University of Petroleum, Beijing. The competition was hosted by The Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China, The China Education Association of Chemical Industry, and the Teaching Guiding Committee of Chemical Engineering in Higher Education, MoE. After intense competition, YSU team performance well among 203 teams, and won the first prize of North China Division and the excellent prize for the quality of design document and for engineering drawing of North China Division, which consists of students from School of Environmental and Chemical Engineering: Chu Tianshu, Cui Liujing, Wang Xiurui, Zhang Jianing, and Zhao Peijun.

YSU team (Photo from School of Environmental and Chemical Engineering)

CEDC aims at cultivating students’ ability of engineering design and practical innovation, and the innovative ability of engineering and technical personnel reflects in the ability to create new technological achievements in engineering practice, including the development of new products and new technologies, the design of novel processes and new devices, and the operation plan of new production processes.

The North China Division competition attracted a total of 203 teams from 57 universities and colleges. In response to the topic “to design a branch of a large petro-chemical enterprise for the production of non-fuel organic chemical products with isobutylene as raw materials”, School of Environmental and Chemical Engineering carefully organized and began to prepare from the beginning of March. During the summer vacation, all the teachers and students devoted themselves to data analysis and project design in spite of the hot weather, accommodation inconvenience and other difficulties. Finally, YSU team won the first prize of North China Division, and the two excellent prizes, fully reflecting the achievements of School of Environmental and Chemical Engineering in chemical engineering education and the constant improvement in chemical talent training.

(Translated by Xing Tong)

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