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YSU reaps awards in the National Finals of the 13th National Undergraduate "NXP Cup" Smart Car Competition



[News from the News Center] From August 22 to 25, the 13th National Undergraduate "NXP Cup" Smart Car Competition (National Finals) was held at the Jiageng College of Xiamen University. Through the selection of 8 national competition regions, more than more than 3,000 teams, and nearly 20,000 college students from 300 colleges and universities attended the competition, and finally 343 teams participated in the national finals. After about two months of competition, the team sent by the YSU School of Electrical Engineering finally won one National First Prize, three National Second Prizes, five provincial (North China Division) First Prizes, and one provincial Second Prizes.

YSU team

The National Undergraduate "NXP" Cup Smart Car Competition is a creative science and technology competition sponsored by the Ministry of Education and sponsored by the Automation School Advisory Board under the MoE. The competition is based on the principle of “Based on training, focusing on participation, encouraging exploration, and pursuing excellence”. It aims to promote quality education in colleges and universities, cultivate students' comprehensive knowledge application ability, basic engineering practice ability and innovation consciousness, and stimulate college students to engage in scientific research.

The Academic Affairs Office and the School of Electrical Engineering attached great importance to and strongly support the "NXP Cup" smart car competition, and use this event as an important platform to promote professional learning and further improve the study style. By participating in this competition, the students' practical ability and innovative thinking have been enhanced.

(Translated by Lv Bo)

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