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YSU has successfully welcomed the 2018 class students



[News from the News Center] On September 1- 2, YSU has successfully welcomed the 2018 class students and the orientation work went smoothly. With the cooperation of various departments and YSU schools, 6,234 undergraduate students, 2,243 postgraduates and 205 doctoral students arrived at YSU and completed all registration procedures.

YSU leaders attach great importance to the orientation work, and set up a management group. Vice President Huang Sheng participated in the cooperation and orientation meeting and clarified the specific work and service in order to create a good environment for new students. Party Secretary Meng Weidong and President Liu Hongmin, accompanied by the directors of the relevant departments, visited the East and West Campus to welcome the new students. The school leaders highly praised this year's orientation work and thanked teachers and students who participated in the orientation work. The school leaders also exchanged cordial exchanges with the freshmen and parents. They hoped the new students can adapt to university as soon as possible and open a new chapter of life.

Part Secretary Meng Weidong was with orientation team.

President Liu Hongmin was with orientation staff.

YSU set up a 24-hour welcome reception station at Qinhuangdao Railway Station. The mechanical engineering college counselors and student volunteers were in charge of this task. The pick-up vehicles transit the train station and the East and West campuses to transport new students and parents. YSU had set up a welcome reception station on the east and west campuses, and provide special help for families with financial difficulties. The orientation team provide fast and convenient service, including prepare the essential materials, cards and dormitory keys in advance. Some of procedures could be completed by scanning the service code. This orientation work reflects YSU’s careful preparation and arrangement, showing a positive and caring atmosphere.

On the welcome bus, the Mechanical Engineering College volunteers introduced the history and development of Yanshan University to new students and parents, helping them to further understand YSU. The School of Electrical Engineering opened up the science and technology exhibition area to show prize-winning works, which inspired new students’ study enthusiasm.

YSU transit bus for new students

Freshmen scan code for admission procedures.

For 2018 orientation work, all schools and departments made great efforts. YSU attaches great importance to new students’ orientation work. In the first half of the year, the preparation in different aspects had started, for example, the improvement of the platform construction. It was well received by the new students and parents. Welcoming new students is not only a process in which teachers and students are welcoming new students to YSU, but also an opportunity to demonstrate YSU’s campus culture and spirit.

[Translated by Ni Rongzi]

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