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YSU holds 2018 Academic Annual Meeting for China Association of Higher Education



[News from the News Center] From November 15-16, 2018 Academic Annual Meeting of China Association of Higher Education (CAHE) was held at YSU. This annual meeting was themed as learning scientific and creative thinking and practice in the new era. The Science and Technology Department of MoE attached great attention to this meeting and assigned commissioners to attend the meeting. Wang Xiaomei, the Deputy Secretary of CAHE, was invited to attend the meeting. More than 50 representatives from more than 30 universities across the country and nearly 100 teachers and students of YSU participated in the meeting.

Zhao Yongsheng was hosting the meeting.

Wang Xiaomei speaks at the meeting.

Liu Hongmin speaks at the meeting.

The opening ceremony was hosted by Zhao Yongsheng, professor and Vice President of YSU. AS a representative of China Association of Higher Education, Wang Xiaomei gave a speech where she fully appraised the working progress of Learning Science Research in recent years and congratulated on this year’s annual meeting. Professor Liu Hongmin, the Director-general of the Learning Science Research branch and the President of YSU, gave a welcoming speech. He made the working reports and proposed four requirements on following work of CAHE: 1. keep pace with the times, strengthen the study of scientific theory of learning; 2. build platforms to carry out various academic exchange activities; 3. apply what one has learned and improve the level of scientific consulting services; 4. People-oriented and grasp opportunities to improve ourselves. He noted that CAHE would adhere to the guiding thoughts which are learning oriented and educating based on students, to make due contributions to building the learning society.

Photo of delegates.

This annual meeting had 14 academic reports. Liu Jia, professor of Beijing Normal University, made a report on Super Talent Selection Based on Psychology and Brain Science, which was followed by other 13 reports on Learning Science and Teacher Learning, Service Learning and Students Development, and Re-understanding of the Undergraduate Education among others. Finally, Liu Jia, a vice director-general and secretary-general of CAHE, gave a concluding speech for the annual meeting, where he objectively commented on current situation of research in learning science areas, analyzing its development trend, and appealing to Chinese related experts and scholars to actively take part in the learning science research.  

The CAHE meeting was successfully held due to the collaborative work of YSU Higher Education Development Research Center, Journal Office, Principal’s Office, Academic Affairs Office, Propaganda Department, and the School of Economics and Management.

[Translated by Yu Miao]

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