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YSU delegation visits Altai State University of Technology and Moscow City Normal University



[News from the News Center] At the invitation of Altai State University of Technology (ALTSTU) and Moscow City Normal University (MCNU), Zhang Fucheng, Vice President of YSU, and relevant directors from School of Mechanical, School of Information Science and Engineering, School of Foreign Study and Division of International Cooperation headed a delegation to the two universities for working visits.

YSU delegation was at the meeting in ALTSTU.

On September 13, Andrey Markov, President of ALTSTU warmly received YSU delegation and organized working talks. The talks were hosted by Evgeny Zryumov. The Directors from Division of Scientific Research, Division of International Education and Cooperation, Regional Centre for International Cooperation, Information Technology Department and Professional Technique Department also attended the meetings. During the meeting, Zhang Fucheng gave a brief introduction on YSU’s history and status quo, reviewed the twenty years’ cooperation between the two universities. He pointed out that the two universities would have a broader cooperation and brighter future in the context of a comprehensive strategic and cooperative partnership between China and Russia. In recent years, the two universities have had more high-level exchanges and closer cooperation in all fields.

It is hoped that the two universities can undertake further work on the cooperation in scientific research and joint education. Zhang Fucheng said that the two universities could focus on resource integration of mechanical, information, control and materials disciplines. Some joint education projects are expected to propose based on the platform. President Andrey Markov spoke highly of YSU’s excellent achievements in scientific research. He hoped the two universities’ following cooperations could make substantial progress.

Zhang Fucheng and Evgeny Zryumov sign the science and technology MoU.

After the meeting, Zhang Fucheng and Evgeny Zryumov, Vice President of ALTSTU, signed the MoU. According to the MoU, the two universities will expand cooperation in scientific research, and conduct joint scientific research in areas of mutual interest, publishing scientific research findings in WOS/Scopus database, gain new scientific knowledge, develop new technologies, exchange scientific research publications, transform scientific research results, jointly publish articles in the WOS/Scopus database, and organize joint conferences, seminars and exhibitions.

On September 14, Zhang Fucheng led the delegation visited MCNU. During the visit, Zhang Fucheng met with Mr. Igor Vacilievich, Vice President of MCNU, MS Daria Aleksandrovna, Head of International Division, Ms Valentina Iurevna, Deputy Director of Department of Chinese language and literature, Mr. Vladilen Georgievich, Professor of Department of Chinese language and literature, and signed cooperation agreements. According to the agreements, the two universities will cooperate in the exchange programs of teachers and students and the long-term and short-term language training program in order to deepen the cooperative relationship between the two universities and promote Sino-Russian cultural exchanges. In addition, the exchange of international students will be implemented in the spring semester of 2019. The Russian scholar Vladilen Georgievich will pay an academic visit in this October. Zhang Fucheng also warmly invited Igor Vacilievich to come to YSU at their convenience.

Zhang Fucheng and Igor Vacilievich sign the cooperation agreement.

The delegation's visit made important achievements. On the one hand, it further consolidated the cooperation foundation between YSU and ALTSTU, and expanded the cooperation between the two universities. On the other hand, it deepened the cooperation between YSU and MCNU. The students of these countries have opened up new channels for studying overseas. This visit will have a positive and far-reaching impact on deepening the educational cooperation and exchanges between our university and Russian universities, and improving the international education level of our university.

[Translated by Ren Yifei]  

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