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YSU 2017 Freshmen Gala



[News from the News Center] At 19:00 on Sep. 15, 2018 Freshmen Gala was held at Room 109, Student Center, East Campus. Wang Baocheng, member of Standing Committee of CPC YSU Committee, Li Xida, Secretary of Communist Youth League (CYL)YSU Committee, Zhang Yang, Deputy Secretary of CYLYSU Committee, and leaders in charge of student affairs from each School. The gala was sponsored by CLY YSU Committee.  

The gala integrated many performances including songs, dances, magic show, poetry recitation, dubbing show and other forms with YSU characteristics, bringing a wonderful audio-visual feast to the teachers and students, which reflected YSU students glowing youth and vitality.  

Medley (Photo by Jia Mengwei/the News Center)  

Dance “Kalaer-move” (Photo by JiaMengwei/the News Center)  

Erhu unison “Youth Fantasy” (Photoby JiaMengwei / the News Center)  

Solo “Half Moon Serenade” (Photo by Lu Jingke / the News Center)  

Classical dancing (Photo by Lu Jingke / the News Center)  

Poetry recitation “Youth and China” (Photo by Lu Jingke / the News Center)  

“Heartbeat” by freshmen (Photo by Jia Mengwei / the News Center)  

Dance (Photo by Lu Jingke / the News Center)

Magic show (Photo by Lu Jingke / the News Center)

Solo “Far from Home” (Photo by Lu Jingke / the News Center)  

Dance “Tea and Bashan Mountain” (Photo by Lu Jingke / the News Center)  

Chorus “As a Powerful Generation” (Photo by Lu Jingke/ the News Center)  

Started with a light show, the gala brought the audience into the world of light and sound. The medley made the audience recall years of youth the different ages, and among those songs, “Fairy Tale” by German freshmen gained warm applause with fluent Chinese. The fashionable and dynamic dance “Kalaer-move” showed the dancers’ style. The Erhu unison “Youth Fantasy”, like a song, played a youthful style. The solo “Half Moon Serenade” described a faint moonlight night. The poetry recitation “Youth and China” expressed our love for China and called on the youth to defend our motherland. The dubbing show combined dubbing and singing, from which the audience appreciated the beauty of youth. The magic show was so wonderful that the audience interacted with the performer spontaneously. The song “Far from Home” by Ning Yanpeng expressed mothers’ love to their sons and daughters far from home, and teachers’ expectations for them, and students were expected to work hard to repay their mother with achievements. The gala ended with the chorus “As a Powerful Generation”.  

The Freshmen Welcome Gala this year provided various ways for students to watch such as simultaneous indoor and outdoor broadcast and live on WeChat. With many elements related to freshmen and beautiful stage design, the gala showed colorful university culture and life at YSU to the freshmen, which expressed warm welcome and best wishes to the 2018 freshmen.  

[Translated by Xing Tong]

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