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YSU teachers participated in the second “Yanzhao Light” activities



[News from the News Center] From September 19-21, the entrepreneurship week “Yanzhao Light” themed “The Talents Gathering in QHD” was held in Beidaihe. The activity featured “Innovation and Entrepreneurship -- Qinhuangdao International Talents Entrepreneurship”. Liu Hongmin, President of YSU, Tian Yongjun, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and several teachers participated in the activity. Among them, Academician Tian Yongjun made a special report on nano-structure super-hard materials and transformative new technologies. Other professors Gao Dawei, Huang Huagui, Guo Jingfeng, Wang Hongbo, Shen Tongde and Chen Enping were hired as Qinhuangdao talent ambassadors.

The press conference of the activity

At the second press conference held on September 19, Gao Dawei and other three experts and business representatives were interviewed by reporters to explain the significance of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements to the development of the city from their own professional fields. At the opening ceremony held on September 20, many teachers and enterprises of YSU successfully signed a school-enterprise cooperation project agreement for science and technology projects.

It is understood that the second “Yanzhao Light” event is to implement the main suggestions of the important speech of the General Secretary Xi Jinping delivered in the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the European and American Alumni Association. Also, it is implementation of the strategy of the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, and the promotion of the innovation drive of Hebei Province. The event invited more than 150 experts and business representatives including 3 Academicians, 18 national “Thousand Talents Program” experts, 13 provincial “Hundred Talents Program” experts, 66 PhDs graduated from overseas among 50 representatives from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei enterprises.

[Translated by Liu Shuai]

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