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Shenyang Alumni Association celebrates its 30th anniversary



[News from the News Center] On September 15, YUS (Dongzhong) Shenyang Alumni Association celebrated its 30th anniversary and changed committee members. Liu Hongmin, the President of YSU, and Kong Xiangdong, the Vice President, attended the meeting on behalf of YSU. More than 170 alumni were wearing the customized blue and red T-shirts. They wore the YSU emblem presented by YSU and the Dongzhong badge presented by the Heilongjiang Alumni Association.

The conference started with the music of “Because I Just Meet You”. The video shows all the beautiful moments and some valuable stories the association has experienced in the past 30 years since the establishment of the Shenyang Alumni Association in 1988 under the leadership of Zhang Dekui, the president of the Shenyang Alumni Association.

Zhang Dekui speaks at the meeting.

Zhang Dekui addressed the meeting. He reviewed the YSU’s about 60 years history, and the journey of the Shenyang Alumni Association in the past 30 years and hoped that YSU would embrace a prosperous future and the Alumni Association could function well with the new president Feng Jingchang (former vice president of the State-owned North Heavy Industry, executive vice president of the Shenyang Alumni Association in 2008, and graduated from YSU). He called on the alumni to be closely united around Yanshan University and to keep YSU motto in mind to pursue a promising future for the future of YSU and the alumni.

Li Kemin speaks at the meeting.

Li Kemin, the former Secretary General of the Shenyang Alumni Association, introduced the new board of directors of Shenyang Alumni Association and briefed the candidates. The Shenyang alumni voted for the referrals and unanimously approved 29 candidates. The alumni of the meeting congratulated the Shenyang Alumni Association with the warmest applause and officially produced the new council with Feng Jingchang as the president.

Feng Jingchang speaks at the meeting.

At the conference, Feng Jingchang made a speech. He said that he will work hard with all the directors to create a new glory for the Shenyang Alumni Association. He summed up the distinctive features of the Shenyang Alumni Association under the leadership of Zhang Dekui over the past 30 years: First, the Shenyang Alumni Association was the first local alumni association to be established. Second, since the establishment of the association, it has functioned well, which ensured the continuity and sustainability of the alumni association's work. Third, the Shenyang Alumni Association is an alumni association that has maintained close ties with its alma mater. Fourth, the Shenyang Alumni Association has long maintained close contact with other local alumni associations. Fifth, Shenyang’s alumni have always maintained the most united, harmonious and intimate relationship. Feng Jingchang said that he would adhere to the professionalism of the previous leadership represented by Zhang Dekui and contribute to the construction of a harmonious development platform for Shenyang alumni.

President of Shenzhen Alumni Association Hou Yixin, President of Dalian Alumni Association Wang Kui and Secretary General Gong Xinglong, Secretary General of Beijing Alumni Association Zhang Runliang and Director Sun Kai, Secretary General of Zhejiang Alumni Association Chu Shanzhong, President of Tsinghua University Shenyang Alumni Association Yu Baohai and Liu Xicheng, President of Shenyang Alumni Association of China Medical University, they all extended warm congratulations to the Alumni Association.


Liu Hongmin speaks at the meeting.

Liu Hongmin was invited to give a speech at the meeting. On behalf of all the teachers and students of Yanshan University and the alumni, he expressed warm congratulations to the conference and introduced the development and achievements of Yanshan University in recent years: 3 majors were ranked in the top 1% of ESI; 9 majors were placed in the top global engineering education and ranked #25 among universities nationwide; Academician Tian Yongjun of the School of Materials won the 2018 Tan Kah Kee Science Awards, which is the first time in Hebei Province; Professor Hua Changchun of School of Electrical Engineering was selected as the Distinguished Professor of the “Changjiang Scholars Program of China”, and Prof. Hua was the only person selected from Hebei Province; Prof. Peng Yan from the School of Mechanical Engineering was selected as a national “Ten-thousand Talents Program” as a pioneer in technology innovation; YSU created 3 Hebei Giant Teams; Alumnus Zhang Chunxian was elected as a member of the 19th Central Committee and vice chairman of the 13th National People’s Congress Standing Committee; alumnus Ding Xuexiang was elected as a member of the 19th Central Political Bureau and secretary of the Central Secretariat; alumnus Huang Qingxue was elected as China Academician of the Academy of Engineering; alumnus Hu Kun was selected as the “Ten-thousand Talents Program” as technology entrepreneurship leader. Upon hearing the inspiring news, the alumni expressed their congratulations and pride as graduates of YSU with long standing applause.  

After the re-election conference, the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Shenyang Alumni Association was kicked off. Shenyang alumni prepared a variety of cultural programs to cheer for the conference. Their performances won rounds of cheers and applause of the alumni. “The 50 Years of Graduation” performance moved the audience.  

The photograph of alumni

After the appearance of the new board member of the Shenyang Alumni Association, the audience stood up and sang “The Song of Yan Da”. The majestic music and the bright songs resound throughout the hall. In the happy and passionate atmosphere, the 30th Anniversary of the Yanshan University (Dongzhong) Shenyang Alumni Association and the Shenyang Alumni Association's general meeting ended.

Sun Honglei, Director of the Archives (Director of the Alumni Office), Qi Xiaowen, Vice President of the National Defense Science and Technology Department attended the conference.

[Translated by Lv Bo]

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