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Liren College students won awards in the 12th iCAN International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition China Finals



[News from the News Center] On October 22, the 12th iCAN International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition China Finals co-sponsored by iCAN International Alliance, Peking University, Global Chinese Association of Micro and Nano Molecular Systems, and Ministry of Education Innovation Method Teaching Advisory Committee was held in Chengdu. The competition attracted 450 college students from 19 national competition regions. After intense competition, the student team from YSU Liren College finally won the third prize of China Finals.

Photo of winning team members

The iCAN International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition began in 2007 and is one of the quality engineering support projects of the Ministry of Education. Adhering to the spirit of “confidence, persistence and dream”, the competition advocates science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship to serve the society, improve human life, guide and encourage university students to be brave in innovation, discover and train a group of outstanding young people with innovative and entrepreneurial talents. The competition promotes and strengthens the combination of production, education and research in the high-tech field represented by the network and smart hardware, etc., promote the development of high-tech industries, and build an international exchange platform for high-tech innovation and entrepreneurship.

Under the great support of the leaders of the college, the organization of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Guidance Center, the student team actively prepares for the competition, including the debugging of scientific and technological works under the guidance of the instructors, and repeatedly conducting roadshow exercises. In the provincial competition held in mid-September, the team won the provincial second prize and successfully advanced to the China Finals and finally achieved excellent results, which showed the scientific and creative education style in Liren College.

The college will take this opportunity to further build a platform for innovation and entrepreneurship based on competition. In practice-oriented learning, through the integration of interdisciplinary knowledge, students can exchange and cooperate with each other. This education model is beneficial to the transformation of research and production, students’ innovative thinking ability, and innovative practice ability.

[Translated by Ni Rongzi]

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