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YSU’s Electronic Science and Technology major received field examination for the National Engineering Education Professional Certification


[News from the News Center] From October 21-24, the Electronic Science and Technology major of YSU School of Information Science and Engineering received the field examination of the expert group of China Engineering Education Professional Certification Association.

The meeting for the examination.

On the morning of October 21, Vice President Zhao Yongsheng and the directors of relevant functional departments and schools, professional teachers, and professional leaders in charge of certification preparation participated in the field examination meeting of the Electronic Science and Technology professional certification. Zhao Yongsheng briefed the expert group on the development of the professional certification work in YSU. He pointed out that YSU has attached great importance to the professional certification work, and takes it as a powerful starting point to promote teaching reform and strengthen professional education. It implements a comprehensive reform of the talent training model based on the OBE education concept throughout YSU, and has created a good atmosphere for certification work. The expert group heard reports from the heads of certification professionals on the training programs and graduation requirements, training mechanisms, and evaluation and continuous improvement.

After the meeting, the expert team conducted a field examination of the library, university physics experiment center, electronic experiment center, engineering training center and professional laboratory. During the three-day on-site examination, the expert group conducted interviews with students, graduates, representatives of employers, representatives of relevant college teachers, and relevant leaders of more than ten functional departments. The expert group also reviewed the teaching materials and teaching management documents of professional training programs, course syllabus, internship report, graduation design, course teaching quality evaluation materials, which helped the experts develop an in-depth understanding of the training and education program in YSU.

Li Fuhai gives feedbacks of field examination.

Zhao Yongsheng speaks on behalf of YSU.

On the morning of October 24, the expert group gave feedback on the on-site inspection, fully affirmed the results of YSU’s work in teaching reform and professional certification, and gave the feedbacks on some aspects: the training objectives, the graduation requirements, the continuous improvement and precision advancement among others. The participants listened carefully to expert group for the feedbacks. Zhao Yongsheng thanked the expert team for their hard work, especially their valuable feedbacks and comments, which gives our faculty and staff a better understanding of our work in professional certification education. YSU will further give its tremendous support to further development of the Electronic Science and Technology education.  

[Translated by Lv Bo]

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