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YSU wins awards in the Final of “FLTRP Cup” English Contests for College Students (Hebei Division)


[News from the News Center] On October 20, the fourth “FLTRP Cup” English Reading Contest and the sixth English Writing Contest were held at Hebei University of Economics and Business. Seven students led by Zhao Zhigang, Associate Professor of the School of Foreign Studies, took part in the contests. Wang Haozhe from the School of Foreign Studies won the First Prize, Tang Xuechen from the School of Economics and Management won the Second Prize, and Chen Yanxing from the School of Materials Science won the Third Prize in Reading Contest. In Writing Contest, Wang Haozhe from the School of Foreign Studies won the First Prize, Xu Huizi from the School of Foreign Studies and Chang Luyu from the School of Humanities and Law both won the Second Prize, Xie Xinchi from the School of Humanities and Law and Ma Junshu, majoring in French from the School of Foreign Studies both won the Third Prize.  

Photo of YSU teacher and students

(Photo from School of Foreign Studies)

“FLTRP Cup” National English Writing Contest and “FLTRP Cup” National English Reading Contest are public welfare contests jointly organized by the Foreign Languages Teaching and Research Press, National Foreign Languages Teaching Advisory Board under the Ministry of Education, and National Advisory Board on Teaching English Language to Majors in Higher Education under the Ministry of Education. The English Writing Contest was launched in 2012. It is aimed at promoting English writing teaching, improving students’ English writing level, and leading reform and development of foreign languages writing teaching in colleges and universities. The English Reading Contest was held in 2015 to stimulate students’ enthusiasm in English language through the form of competition, which provided opportunities for students in reading practice as well as a platform to challenge themselves.  

[Translated by Xu Huizi]

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