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YSU 2nd Hubei Alumni Sodality


[News from the News Center] At 18:00, Oct. 20, YSU 2nd Hubei Alumni Sodality was held in Wuhan, Hubei Province. Kong Xiangdong, YSU Vice President, Zhao Tieshi, Director of Science and Technology Research Institute, and Ke Tiejun, Vice Director of Archives and Vice Director of Alumni Affairs Office attended the sodality as well as more than 120 alumni including board members, members and guests from Hubei alumni association.

Photo of YSU 2nd Hubei Alumni Sodality

The sodality was hosted by Xu Zhenyuan and Qi Jingchun who are YSU 2003 and 2000 alumnus respectively. They introduced the representatives from YSU and the guests from other YSU alumni associations. Tian Weiguo, President of Hubei alumni association and YSU 1983 alumnus gave a speech at the sodality. Tian said that the Hubei alumni association will adhere to the mission of “connecting alumni, understanding their needs, showing their excellence, exploring resources, and gathering alumni strength”, and strive to do well in the work of leading, contacting, publicity, and service. They will expand Hubei alumni association, improve the alumni network, and make every effort to carry out all-round, in-depth and substantive exchanges and interactions to make the Hubei alumni association a bridge of communication. At the same time, he hopes that all alumni can actively support the work of Hubeialumni association, strengthen their ties, participate in the activities, and offer advice and suggestions for its development. He points out that as long as everyone works together and supports the alumni association with sincerity and sincerity, Hubei alumni association will have a bright and profound future.  

Tian Weiguo is speaking at the Sodality.

Kong Xiangdong was invited to deliver a speech at the meeting and expressed warm congratulations to the sodalityon behalf of all the teachers, students and the alumni of YSU. Kong reported YSU achievements and breakthroughs in 2018, and pointed out that YSU alumni work had unique features and great potential. He fully affirmed the fruitful work and achievements of the Hubei alumni association in recent years, which is unique in the work of local alumni associations and has accumulated good experiences and practices. He stressed that the mission of the alumni association is to serve alumni, contact the alma mater, and connect other alumni associations in order to build a communication platform for promoting resource sharing, achieving cooperation and seize every win-win opportunity as well as serving local construction.  

Kong Xiangdong is speaking at the meeting.

Kong Xiangdong had expectations and hopes for Hubei alumni association. It is hoped that the association can make good use of the geographical advantages of Hubei and Wuhan, and strive for breakthroughs in the construction of alumni, thus promoting the establishment and development of alumni associations in related regions and industries, and building platforms for common development and progress of Hubei alumni, which will better serve economic construction in Hubei and also serve as a model for other alumni association activities. He calls on the alumni to continue to pay attention to, support, and serve the alma mater, to promote the Double First-rate construction of YSU and improve the overall level of university development.

Afterwards, some presidents or representatives from other alumni associations expressed their congratulations respectively, including Feng Jiyong, YSU 1988 alumnus and President of Heilongjiang alumni association, HouYixin, YSU 1982 alumnus and Vice President of Shenzhen alumni association, Zhang Xiaodong, YSU 1987 alumnus and Vice President of Guangzhou alumni association, Liu Yipeng, YSU 2002 alumnus andVice President of Tianjin alumni association, and Sun Feng, YSU2002 alumnus and Secretary-general of Foshan alumni association. Sun Xiumei, YSU 1962 alumna majoring in steel rolling, shared her precious memories of the year with her alma mater as the eldest alumna from Hubei alumni association. Their speeches were full of deep feelings and heartfelt statements, triggering a strong resonance of the alumni.  

Alumni representatives are speaking at the meeting.

(1-Feng Jiyong, 2-Hou Yixin, 3-Zhang Xiaodong, 4-Liu Yipeng, 5-Sun Feng, 6-Sun Xiumei)

(Photos above from the Achieves)

After the meeting, alumni and guests attended a dinner party.

[Translated by Xing Tong]

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