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Yanshan University Press work Hebei Birds Picture Collection won the award of fine publishing project



[News from the News Center] The results of the second review of the collection of fine publishing project were announced recently. The book Hebei Birds Picture Collection published by Yanshan University Press was selected as "Excellent original work". There are 17 works won the award in our province.

The selection activity was launched in August 2017 and organized by the Hebei Administration of Press and Publication, Radio, Film and Television to promote cultural innovation and publish excellent original works. The activity attracted publishing institutions and individual writers and a total of nearly 200 works were collected. The review experts conducted a preliminary selection, review, and final evaluation for the works collected, and finally 17 excellent original works were selected. The award-winning works will receive a certain amount of publishing funding.

Sample of Hebei Birds Picture Collection

The Hebei Birds Picture Collection is the first official publication to present the wild birds in Hebei Province in the form of photographic pictures. It has brought together more than 70 Chinese and foreign scholars, wildlife conservation volunteers and eco-photographers in Hebei for nearly 10 years. More than 1,300 bird pictures, covering 550 species of wild birds, fully demonstrate the ecological protection achievements of Hebei Province, with a brief introduction in Chinese and English, providing valuable data for domestic and foreign experts and scholars to study wild birds. The beautifully printed and illustrated pictures are the highlights of this book. The readers can watch the beautiful moments of many precious birds of Hebei provinces, which provided readers the wonders of nature and the beauty of hometown.

In recent years, Yanshan University Press has always paid attention to fulfilling the social responsibility of serving the society and inheriting culture. Based on the university, it has provided various cultural services for prospering local cultural undertakings, enhancing tourism connotation and consolidating the achievements of civilized cities. The distinctive history, culture, geography and tourism books are widely circulated in the society. Yanshan University Press will make persistent efforts to strengthen cultural self-confidence and continue to enhance the professional standards of publishing, continuously create and publish more excellent works in order to make a due contribution to the creation of a masterpiece with distinctive characteristics that has a major impact across the country.

[Translated by Ni Rongzi]

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