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YSU held 2018 Eminent Group of College Students’ Social Practice Conference


[News from the News Center] On the afternoon of October 25, YSU held 2018 Eminent Group of College Students' Social Practice Conference in Student Activity Center, East Campus. YSU all Communist Youth League cadres and team instructors and more than 1,200 student representatives from the entire university attended the conference. Wang Baocheng, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Committee in YSU, attended the event.

Li Xida speaks at the conference.

Li Xida, Secretary of the Communist Youth League Committee, made a comprehensive report on the social practice work in 2018. She said that in the two-month social activities, YSU continues to adhere to the principle of eminent group priority, and handing over the national key team to the award winning school. Several key groups were encouraged to take the initiative and innovation to practice and serve the society. She affirmed the participation and practice results of social practice this year, and encouraged more students to continue to take social practice as a platform to understand the social context and practices. In the big classroom of social practice, students can pursue their dreams.

The conference

The key group’s performance

The key group’s performance

The key group’s performance

The key group’s performance

The key group’s performance

The key group’s performance

Subsequently, six eminent teams were selected from more than 100 key teams. They shared their thoughts and experiences with each other. They use their unique way to demonstrate their social practices and new understanding. They focused on different social aspects: the strength of Chinese unique culture inheritance, internet and rural education, the new development of Xiong’an education in the future, promoting the social custom of caring for the elderly, the friendship of the military and civilian, and caring for the left-behind children.


A photo of performers

YSU’s social practice has achieved fruitful results. The “Source Water” team won the honorary title of “2018 Jinggang Story, China Dream” National College Student Summer Vacation Social Practice. The “Angel Wings” team was selected as one of the 100 national practice key teams in the “Tianyi Internet+” of the Central Committee. This year, YSU has published more than 700 social practice news reports in important media such as People’s Daily, China Youth Network and other news centers at national, provincial and municipal levels. The Youth League Committee of YSU was awarded the honor of “The Eminent Unit of Social Practice Activities”. The social practices aim to build a new era in the great journey of realizing the Chinese dream, fully demonstrating YSU students’ patriotic sentiments and responsibility.

[Translated by Liu Shuai]

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