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YSU’s team from School of Information Science and Engineering win awards in 2018 “Zhihu Cup” CCSP



[News from the News Center] “Zhihu Cup” 2018 CCF Collegiate Computer Systems & Programming Contest (CCSP) and awards ceremony was held in Hangzhou from October 25-26. The contest was sponsored by the Chinese Computer Federation (CCF), and organized by Hangzhou Dianzi University. A total of 474 college students from 62 universities including Tsinghua University, Harbin Institute of Technology, and Yanshan University gathered for 12 hours on-site programming contest. Eventually, Song Lidong and Wu Yue from the School of Information and Engineering won the silver medal, and Zhang Ruiyuan and Yang Yi won the bronze medal.

Photo of YSU contestants

The CCSP competition is an authoritative competition jointly sponsored by 15 famous universities including Tsinghua University. As one of the most influential competitions in the domestic computer field, it has a technical committee and team made up by experts from top universities nationwide. CCSP competition mainly tests college students' ability of computer algorithms, programming and computer system design, aiming to further improve the quality of computer education in colleges and universities, so that students can further learn and master computer system knowledge through competition, and in the meanwhile, lead the computer education in colleges and universities.

In recent years, under the background of the China's commitment to the development of new engineering discipline, YSU Software Engineering major of the School of Information Science and Engineering has established a strategy of “Promoting education, learning, reform, and innovation by competition” to implement our educational reform strategy and improve the quality of education in software engineering. After years of continuous hard work, software engineering students’ professional quality has improved significantly, and they have gained knowledge as well as experiences in recent competitions. The graduates have been well received by employers.

[Translated by Ren Yifei]

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