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YSU teachers and students win awards in “The 5th College Student Art Exhibition in Hebei Province”



[News from the News Center] Recently, informed by the Hebei Education Department, the performance and art projects submitted by YSU teachers and students were awarded prizes. There are 3 third prizes in the general vocal group, 1 first prize in the professional group, 1 second prize in the general dance group, 2 third prizes, 1 first prize in the professional group and 1 second prize; 1 first prize of the Orchestra performance, 1 second prize, 2 third prizes, 2 first prizes of the professional group, 1 second prize, 1 third prize; 2 third prize of the general drama group and prizes in calligraphy and photograph groups.

The Hebei Province University Student Art Exhibition is organized by Hebei Education Department in order to demonstrate the achievements of college art education. It is held every three years and is the highest-profile, largest-scale and most influential university student cultural and art event in the province. The Hebei Education Department requires all colleges and universities to fully implement the spirit of the 19th Party Congress, the regulations on school aesthetic education. It is hoped that universities and colleges can summarize the strengths and accumulate experiences for future education and the improvement of college students’ aesthetic and humanistic qualities.

[Translated by Ni Rongzi]

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