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Liren College won the title of “2018 College of Comprehensive Strength”



[News from the News Center] On November 27, 2018, “Resounding China” Tencent Network Education Annual General Ratings Award was held in Beijing. YSU Liren College won the honorary title of “2018 College of Comprehensive Strength” with its excellent talent training quality and good social brand image. Zhou Yu, Deputy Dean of Liren College, was invited as a representative of the award-winning unit to attend the ceremony and accepted an exclusive interview with Tencent.

The interview

Awards ceremony

Liren College wins the award.

Liren College has been selected in the “Resounding China” Tencent Network Education Annual General Ratings Award for many years. This is the recognition of Liren College’s performance in education. As the vice chairman unit of the National Independent College Collaboration Association and the chairman of the Board of Directors of the Independent College of Hebei Province, Liren College has consistently ranked top ten in independent college in terms of the comprehensive strength in education for many years. Relying on the quality education resources of Yanshan University, Liren College, in light of OBE’s new concept and guidelines of CDIO project, focuses on the education in innovative entrepreneurship and social responsibility and deepen the teaching reform, strengthen the professional foundation, highlight the professional characteristics, attach attention to the cultivation of students' practice and innovation ability, and continuously improve the teaching quality. The quality of graduates and the comprehensive strength of the college have been effectively promoted.


“Resounding China” Tencent Network Education Annual General Ratings Award has always been influential in national education industry, and since its inception in 2007, the annual award has been successfully held for 12 years. With the theme of “Enjoy global wisdom and create an educational future”, this year’s event brought together experts, scholars, educational institutions, media and even cross-border experts to deeply analyze the current situation of education and bring it to the traditional Chinese education industry, which is a great enlightenment to our education.

[Translated by Ni Rongzi]

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