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YSU News Center held the 4th “Yanshan University Duan Jingzhi Scholarship” Awarding Ceremony


[News from the News Center] At 18:30 on November 26, the awarding ceremony of the 4th “Yanshan University Duan Jingzhi Scholarship” Awarding Ceremony was held in the 18th floor academic lecture hall of the Century Building. 16 outstanding student journalists of the News Center were awarded. Founder of Weijia (Shanghai) Enterprise Development Co., Ltd., YSU Civil engineering graduate alumnus, former YSU News Center student reporter Liu Huaqi, YSU United Front Work Department Secretary, Party Committee Secretary, former Director of YSU newspaper editorial department Yan Hongjun, the Director of Teacher Development Center of the Academic Affairs Office, former Director of the News Center Jiang Wenchao, Shan Xiaoxia, the former Director of YSU newspaper editorial department, Wei Jia (Shanghai) Enterprise Development Co., Ltd. investor among other teachers and students of the News Center attended the award ceremony.

Wang Hao, Li Gaoyang and Fu Zhanglei won the First Scholarship; Zhao Yibo, Chen Wenlian, Zhu Honghong, Yanglin Quexue and Wang Kaili won the Second Scholarship, Wu Haojie, Ying Han, Zhang Jinying, Zhang Yu, Jia Mengwei, Gao Hui, Wang Aoying, Zhang Shilun won the Third Scholarship.

Liu Huaqi speaks at the meeting.

Group photo of First Scholarship winners

Group photo of Second Scholarship winners


roup photo of Third Scholarship winners

“Yanshan University Duan Jingzhi Scholarship” was established on June 12, 2015 by Mr. Tao Yongzhong, a 1989-level Quality inspection alumnus, donated 100,000 RMB to found this scholarship to honor outstanding journalists from Yanshan University News Center. This is also the only special scholarship for YSU to set up for student groups. “Yanshan University Duan Jingzhi Scholarship” will contribute 10,000 yuan each year to award outstanding journalists who contribute to YSU propaganda work and encourage them to work hard, study hard and develop in an all-round way. Starting from 2015,alumnis Feng Zuoxiang, Chen Xiaobo, Jiang Dawei, and Liu Huaqi, also donated 10,000 RMB into the scholarship.  

Liu Huaqi expressed his congratulations to the award-winning students and recaptured and shared his own experience as a student reporter. He said that he was very pleased to see that the News Center is growing and the student journalist team is getting bigger and bigger. Liu Huaqi said that being a student journalist is a very good experience. He hopes that journalists can love the News Center, cherish the time, develop and improve themselves and the journalism.

Zhen Hongjun briefly introduced the “Duan Jingzhi Scholarship” and the deeds of the teacher Duan Jingzhi. He had some best wishes for students: being grateful for teacher Duan, the alumni who founded the scholarship and others who made donations, and the team you are working with. He also hoped that student journalists can work hard and continuously improve themselves in order to contribute their knowledge and wisdom to our university and society at large.

[Translated by Lv Bo]

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