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Prof. Li Quanlin’s research team from YSU School of Economics and Management received the Best Paper Award at the international conference



At the 7th International Conference on Computational Social Networks (Shanghai, China, December 18–20, 2018), the paper of Prof. Li Quanlin’s research team “Blockchain Queue Theory” received the only best paper award. Since its publication on in August 2018, the paper has been well received and valued by many scholars at home and abroad. It means that the important basic scientific problems can be solved by using the queuing theory, Markov process & Markov decision process, and random operation research method.

Professor Li Quanlin (The second from right) receives the award certificate

In recent years, Prof. Li Quanlin’s research team has been systematically studying on the basic theoretical research of blockchain (especially in stochastic modeling and analysis), including mining reward process, distributed consensus algorithm, related mathematical theory, and the safety of the blockchain system. They have achieved important research results in many aspects, and have received the attention and recognition from the scholars around the world.

[Translated by Liu Shuai]

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