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Liren College student Ma Shihang won the 7th Hebei Province the Stars of Youth Self-improvement Award



[News from the News Center] Recently, the 7th “Junlebao” Hebei Province the Stars of Youth Self-improvement Award ceremony was held at HEB-TV Station. The activities were organized by the Communist Youth League Hebei Provincial Committee, Hebei Education Department, Hebei Radio and Television Station, and Hebei Youth League. 20 outstanding students from Hebei Province were selected and awarded as “The Star of Self- improvement of Hebei Province” in 2018. The student Ma Shihang from the Mechanical Engineering of YSU Liren College won the Stars of Youth Self-improvement Award and the prize of 10,000 yuan.

The Award ceremony

Ma Shihang

Ma Shihang was born in March 1998 in an ordinary family in Xingtai City. His mother is a nurse, his father is a worker, and the family of three is warm and happy. However, after the birth of Ma Shihang, he was different from normal children. He could not walk at the age of two. His parents took him to the Beijing Children’s Hospital for an examination, and he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. The doctor said: This child can’t independently grow up. Other children can learn it once they learn it. Maybe the child can learn a hundred times. But his parents did not give up him, and tried their best to give him the education. However, when Ma Shihang was in his fifth grade of elementary school, his father died of lung cancer, and this unfortunate family was hit hard. But these did not repel his optimistic beliefs, he always maintains a positive attitude towards life. He went to school from elementary school to junior high school and then to high school. He was going to school like a normal child. However, due to physical dissonance, walking and writing were slow. When someone finished his homework in an hour, he had to use three hours or more, but he never blaming others or self-defeating, but keeps a willing heart. He loves to read books, holding books every day, and finally, with his own efforts, he was admitted to the university and went to Liren College of Yanshan University.

After coming to Liren College, with the help of the teachers and classmates, Ma Shihang quickly adapted to college life. Whether it is morning exercise, evening self-study, normal classes, he is never late. He works hard at learning professional knowledge and is willing to share his knowledge and experience with his classmates. Although his words are not clear, he never feels inferior. Instead, he can take the initiative to speak in class and participate in speech contests to exercise and show himself. Under his diligent efforts, he won a third-class scholarship, a national inspirational scholarship, and corporate scholarship twice. He passed the English CET-4 exam in his freshman year.

In addition, Ma Shihang has a firm and clear belief – making his contribution to aerospace, and work hard for it. He enrolled in the contest of China Manned Space Engineering Office’s manned lunar landing and ascending aircraft creative program. He was relatively slow due to physical disability, and the program has undergone repeated improvement. Finally, his innovative program representing Yanshan University won the award. In addition, he also set up a team to design and produce the race cars and successfully entered the 6th Engineering Training Ability Competition of Hebei Province.

Ma Shihang always take Wei Xiang from Tsinghua University as example to inspire himself to overcome all the difficulties. He said that like the British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, even if fate is unfair to him, he still has to do his best to contribute to the world.

[Translated by Lv Bo]

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