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YSU Campus Integrated Service Platform Project (Phase I) passed the examination



[News from the News Center] On December 25, an examination conference of “Yanshan University Campus Integrated Service Platform Project (Phase I)” was held in Room 1412 of Century Building. The examination committee consists of experts from President Office, Financial Department, Human Resources, and Information Center among the experts from other institutions. The conference was hosted by Yang Yongtao, Deputy Director of the Information Center.

Experts are in the conference

At the examination conference, the representatives from both the university and the contractors reported and illustrated the project construction and operation. The examination team carefully listened to the report, reviewed the relevant materials, and the work of project construction and operation. The examination team put forward the solutions and commitments for the project to be improved and optimized. After the examination and discussion, the expert committee agreed that the Yanshan University Campus Integrated Services Platform Project (Phase I) met the bidding documents and contract requirements, and the solutions and commitments proposed for the project to be improved and optimized were feasible, and agreed to be accepted.

The Yanshan University Campus Integrated Service Convergence Platform Project was launched in April 2017. The first phase of the project was implemented in January 2018, focusing on the construction of a unified certification platform, a public basic data platform, and an information campus integrated service support platform to optimize business processes. The business interoperability and data sharing of various related systems were realized. The new office automation system and personnel basic information management service were launched and other related important services are to be completed.

At present, the campus comprehensive service integration platform project (Phase II) has been officially launched. The second phase of the project will be based on the first phase of the platform to further promote integrated management applications, expand the content of information services, and continuously cover the comprehensive services in order to enhance the information level of our university and facilitate students and faculty’s life.

[Translated by Lv Bo]

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