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Yanshan University holds the 2018 fall semester teacher training session


[News from the News Center] In order to promote the development of teacher’s morality and teaching ability in our university, from January 2 to 4, our university held the 2018 YSU teacher training conference. More than 1,700 teachers from 16 colleges attended the training conference. The training conference was held in three sessions. The three sessions were hosted by Wang Jing and Zhao Chunmei, deputy directors of the Academic Affairs Office, and Jiang Wenchao, director of the Teacher Education Development Center.

Zhao Yongsheng made a keynote speech.

This training conference centered the theme of implementing the fundamental tasks of education and committing to the work of building first-class undergraduate education. At the three training conferences, Vice President Zhao Yongsheng gave a keynote speech entitled “Learning and Implementing the Spirit of the National Education Work Conference in the New Era and Adhering to the Connotative Development Model”. He interpreted the spirit of the National Education Conference and the undergraduate education work, and requires YSU teachers to have a better understanding of the spirits of the higher education. Subsequently, Zhao Yongsheng briefed the participants on the construction of the multi-dimensional and multi-level evaluation index system (MMIS) and the principle of the index system. Zhao Yongsheng also put forward the basic principles and specific requirements for the construction of the quality classes at YSU.

The experts in the training conference

The training conference

The awarding session

The training conference invited Prof. Xie Ping from the School of Electrical Engineering and Prof. Liu Feng from the School of Information Science and Engineering to make reports on innovation and entrepreneurship education under the background of new engineering. In the session of liberal Arts, the conference organized the teachers to appreciate the “General Teaching Course --Akabella Music Combination Experience Course” and “Voice Performance Class” provided by the School of Art and Design. In order to promote the mobile teaching of our university, the training conference also invited Prof. Jiang Yulong from the School of Microelectronics of Fudan University, Associate Prof. Sun Hui from the School of Public Administration of China University of Mining and Technology, and Associate Prof. Chen Junying from the School of Science of Hebei Agricultural University to share their experiences from different perspectives.

In order to encourage teachers in teaching work and enhance their sense of honor and mission, in this training conference some teachers were awarded for their achievements.

[Translated by Ni Rongzi]

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