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YSU and NISCD held an unveiling ceremony for the postgraduate practice base and the engineering doctoral student external supervisor appointment ceremony



[News from the News Center] On the morning of January 6, YSU and Nanjing Iron and Steel United Co., Ltd. held an unveiling ceremony for the postgraduate practice base and the engineering doctoral student external supervisor appointment ceremony was held in Nanjing Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. (NISCD). The Chairman of NISCD Zhu Ruirong, Chief Engineer Chu Juefei and relevant persons, Zhang Fucheng, YSU Vice President, Wang Peilong, Deputy Dean of the Graduate School, and Prof. Wang Qingfeng of the School of Materials Science and Engineering attended the unveiling ceremony. The meeting was hosted by NISCD Chief Engineer Chu Juefei.

Zhu Ruirong expressed his warm welcome to Zhang Fucheng and YSU delegation. He expressed his gratitude to YSU for its long-term talent support and fruitful scientific research cooperation. Zhu Ruirong said that NISCD attaches importance to the traditions and mechanisms of production, education and research, and hopes to strengthen the cooperation with YSU in talent development, and industry-university-research cooperation.

The meeting between YSU and NISCD

Zhang Fucheng delivered a speech and introduced the history and development of the YSU. He hoped that YSU would strengthen the cooperation with NISCD to promote the graduate education, technological innovation and transformation of research results and achieve a win-win situation.

On behalf of Yanshan University, Zhang Fucheng awarded the first batch of engineering doctoral students’ external tutors to the industry experts of Huang Yixin, Zhu Ruirong and Chu Juefei. In 2017, our university was certified to grant doctoral degree in engineering, and became one of the 40 universities with engineering doctoral program in China.

The unveiling ceremony

Zhang Fucheng and Zhu Ruirong jointly unveiled for the postgraduate practice base and opened a new chapter for school-enterprise cooperation. After a brief and grand ceremony, the two sides exchanged perspectives on postgraduate education. During the meeting, Huang Yixin, the Chairman of NISCD, warmly met with Zhang Fucheng and YSU delegation. He introduced the NISCD’s development, its technological advantages and the reform and development in recent years. He said that the two sides will have some innovative cooperation models and institutional mechanisms to make the postgraduate practice base an exemplary one.

Founded in 1958, NISCD is one of the 18 key steel enterprises of China. It has the most complete production line and the high-efficiency, high-quality and low-cost steel production line. In recent years, NISCD has established a new developmental strategy features environmental protection, intelligent industry, “Internet +”, and customer orientation model. NISCD is determined to become the leader of the transformation and development of the steel industry and to be the backbone of China’s intelligent industrial manufacturing.

[Translated by Lv Bo]  

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