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YSU complete 2019 postgraduate entrance reexam



[News from the Center News] Recently, YSU has successfully completed 2019 postgraduate entrance retest. Postgraduate entrance exam,as an important way for the state to select and develop high-level talents, is related to educational fairness and national economic and social development and is currently the examinations with highest level of secret in our school. With the great attention of the leaders, the careful organization of Admissions and Career Services, and the full cooperation of eachschool, college and functional departments and offices, YSU provided high-quality examination services for more than 4,000 candidates in different majors from different universities across the country, which seized the high-quality postgraduate students for the second round of “Double first-class” construction.

In this year, YSU planned to enroll 2,650 postgraduate students, including 2,371 full-time postgraduates with an increase of 106 from 2018, maintaining a good momentum of continuous growth in the postgraduate enrollment and reaching a record high. In the preliminary examination, more than 6,800 candidates applied for YSU. The number of candidates, the scale of examination, and the subject categories all reached the highest level in history, which brought new pressure and challenges to the admission.  

In order to attract high-quality students, Admissions and Career Services finished the first batch of adjustment work in one day, organized the retest time 2-5 days earlier than other universities, and released the results at 5 am on March 27th. With all the efforts, YSU “won the battle” without any mistake.

The postgraduate entrance exam is the top priority of the national examinations, which attracted attention of the state and the authorities at all levels as well as YSU leaders. Before the retest, YSU Vice President Zhao Dingxuan hosted meetings to deploy the tasks and coordinate works among different departments and schools. He pointed out that the postgraduate admissions required strong sense of responsibility and scientific decision-making. We should keep in mind that “exam enrollment is also a part of education”, continuously improve the modernization level of the examination and admission system and capacity, and ensure the examination to be scientific and standardized. Li Rong, Secretary of YSU Commission for Discipline Inspection, attended the meeting. She emphasized the discipline in the admission and required all staff to fully understand the importance, complexity and sensitivity of postgraduate admission work to ensure the safety of examinations.

YSU 2019 postgraduate retest leading group meeting

During the retest, Zhao Dingxuan also inspected of the interview and asked about the organization in detail. At the same time, he emphasized that we should give full play to the retest in the talent selection and should ensure the retest to be fair, just and standardized.

Zhao Dingxuan inspects the interview.

(Photos above from Admissions and Career Services)

In order to keep the quality of graduate students, Admissions and Career Services has been committed to the admission work. First of all, they established the database of students in national key universities and vigorously encouraged each school to attract quality students. According to the admission data, the number of students from “national key universities” accounted for 63.01% in this year, increased by 11.88% from the year 2018. Secondly, they further optimized the admission structure and closely integrated the admission with the “Double first-class” construction. In addition, they made full use of their website and WeChat Official Account to release timely information, and made sure all the questions to be answered from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm, providing a window for keep the admission clear to teachers, students, candidates and the community.  

The final admission review of the postgraduates will be completed in early June, when the admitted candidates will officially receive the acceptance letter from YSU.

[Translated by Xing Tong]

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