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YSU holds the final for 3rd gourmet festival



[News from the News Center] At 11:00, Apr. 27, YSU held the final for 3rd gourmet festival at the dining hall, West Campus. After two rounds of competition, 35 student judges voted for the favorite food. Top three dishes were elected in both the professional group and the student group.

The dishes

Sugar painting

Students try the dishes.

Judges vote for the food.

(Photos above from Communist Youth League YSU Committee)

Before the final competition, the student groups have been actively preparing in the kitchen. Their concentration showed their love and dedication to the food. Although the students did not have professional skills, the dishes they made were still delicious and tempting, which was highly praised by the judges. The chefs in the dinning hall also showed their professional talents. The “masterpieces” they created satisfied students, including duck, fish, and shrimp. Refreshing desserts were also delicious such as fruit ice cream and soft and sweet cakes. Exquisite fruit carvings and Chinese sugar paintings also attracted many students. The gourmet festival gained much popularity among students and received favorable comments.

The gourmet festival was jointly organized by the Communist Youth League YSU Committee and YSU Logistics Group, and was hosted by YSU Student Union. The festival will help inherit our profound food culture, enriching the campus life of the students, and enabling the students to truly feel the charm of the food culture.

[Translated by Xing Tong]   

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