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YSU counselor Wang Yinsi interviewed by CETV1



[News from the News Center] At 20:00, May 3, CETV1broadcasted the program “I am a counselor of China”, in which Wang Yinsi, counselor from the YSU School of Mechanical Engineering of our school, received an exclusive interview.

“I am a counselor” is a TV interview program jointly organized by the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, the Office of Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission and the Ministry of Education. The interviewees are selected from among the excellent college counselors nationwide, and the program vividly shows the important role of counselors in the process of student development.

Wang Yinsi is the only counselor in the Hebei Province who was selected to be interviewed. The 28-minute program showed Yinsi’s work experience and educational practice with the form of on-site interviews and videos. Wang insisted on the combination of learning and thinking, and explored a set of “ideological and political education with engineering characteristics” to integrate education into various carriers; she focused on teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, and promoted the all-round development of students through “project-based training”; she always kept in mind the inheritanceof professionalism and founded “charge station for counselors” to lead young counselors to get improved together. Besides, two of her students who have graduated for many years came to the interview and told the story of Wang Yinsi’s dedication and love, representing the selfless love of an excellent counsellor. In order to find more advanced deeds of her, CETV reporters came to YSU in March this year and interviewed some leaders, other counselors and student representatives.

Wang Yinsi has worked as a counselor for 17 years. She was awarded the 10th National College Excellent Counselor and won the first prize of the 6thNationalCollege Counselor Skills Competition. Besides, Wang was selected as a member of the group to publicize and implement the spirits of the 19th National Congress of the CPC in Hebei Province. Her advanced deeds hasbeen reported by many news medias, including Guangming Daily, China Education Daily, People. cn, and the WeChat official account of the Ministry of Education.

Wang Yinsi is being interviewed.

(Photo from Student Affairs Office)

This TV program has inspired counselors nationwide. They were moved by her contribution to teaching career but also her professionalism, which mirrored the picture of the YSU counselors. She fully demonstrates the education of YSU in recent years andthe outstanding achievements of YSU counselors.

[Translated by Xing Tong]

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