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2019 QHD city launching ceremony of recruiting college students into the army forces and the Conference of reporting the great deeds of college students Joining Army held at YSU


[News from the News Center] At 15:30 on May 7, a conference reporting the great deeds of some college students joining army was held at the Student Center, East Campus. The conference was hosted by QHD Military Sub-region of People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and organized by the Department of People’s armed forces of Haigang District, QHD. Zhang Ruishu, Deputy Secretary of the CPC QHD Municipal committee, Mayor, Head of the Municipal Conscription Work Group, He Xiaodong, member of the QHD Municipal Standing Committee of CPC and Commander of the Military Division, Zhao Xianfeng, Secretary of the CPC Yanshan University Committee, Sun Yi, Deputy Director of the Haigang District, Qiu Xuedong, political commissar of People’s Armed Forces Department of Haigang District, and Wang Peng, Director of the People’s Armed Forces Department of Haigang District as well as some YSU teachers and students attended the conference.

Zhao Xianfeng speaks at the conference.

At the lecture, Zhao Xianfeng gave a welcome speech on behalf of YSU and extended warm welcome to the guests and leaders attending the event. Huang noted that it is the sacred and honorable duty of college students to perform military service and serve our country. He also hoped the students respond actively to the national call to join the army, and encouraged students to integrate individual dream into China’s Dream of building a powerful country and a strong army. He pointed out that YSU has always maintained a glorious tradition of answering the calls of the country and serving the army and national defense. The school party committee has always attached great importance to the recruitment of college students as an important way to fully implement the state’s educational policy. He also hoped that the majority of students could actively respond to the call of the motherland, taking the country’s prosperity and national rejuvenation as his own responsibility, serving the country wholeheartedly.

He Xiaodong speaks at the conference.

He Xiaodong delivered a speech, in which he strongly confirmed the significant support and fruitful work of YSU and other the universities in QHD in recruiting college students into the army forces. He stressed that first-class army and talents from universities are highly demanded for the preparation of information war in the new era insomuch as university students are the ideals for our army force because they of their educational background and the sense of responsibility.

Zhang Ruishu speaks at the conference.

Zhang Ruishu made an important speech. He said that recruiting college students into the army is a major strategic decision made by the Party Central Committee, the State Council, and the Central Military Commission with a view to realizing the dream of a strong Chinese military. It is a basic project for building a strong national defense, and it is related to the overall situation of national security and development. It is also critical to the development of education and the growth of college students. He put forward three hopes for college students in our city. First, college students should have the ambition to pursue the dreams. Second, they should dedicate to national defense and live up to the times; Third, they should have the passion to contribute to the prosperity of our nation. Finally, Zhang Ruishu announced that the recruitment of colleges and universities in QHD was officially launched in 2019.

Dai Xinquan, YSU student and former soldier, reports at the conference.

YSU student and former soldier, reports at the conference.

Wang Haijuan, YSU student and former soldier, reports at the conference.

Li Yapeng, YSU student and former soldier, reports at the conference.

Subsequently, YSU student discharged from military service gave their reports and shared their valuable experiences in the military service. They recalled their interchanging military and college life and shared their experiences as a student and a soldier with conference participants. By sharing their wonderful experiences, they encouraged students to join the army. Their reports received rounds of warm applause from the audience.

The conference in session

In order to fulfill the job of 2019 conscription, with the guidance of Hebei Military Region and QHD Military Sub-region of PLA, YSU conscientiously implemented the national conscription policies, convened mobilization meetings, and organized many conscription publicity activities, online and offline, which helped students understand state recruitment policies and effective goals, and created a patriotic atmosphere at YSU. At this lecture, the students’ great reports and wonderful performances evokes patriotic fervor in students to join the army, serve the country, and devote themselves to national defense and the society, which laid a solid foundation for YSU’s further conscription.

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