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YSU held the 2019 “The Most Beautiful Graduates” defense meeting


[News from the News Center] At 19:00 on May 22, the YSU 2019 “The Most Beautiful Graduates” on-site defense meeting, hosted by the Student Affairs Office and organized by the School of Civil Engineering and Mechanics, was held in Room 209 of Student Activity Center, East Campus. The Student Affairs Office, Communist Youth League YSU Committee, and directors from each school had attended the event and served as judges.

The meeting in session

The selection activity started on April 15, which lasts one month. Through the recommendation of each school, the panel voting and the online exhibition, 17 outstanding graduates from 12 schools entered the live demonstration and shared their “most beautiful” growth experience. Zhu Jiaqi, from the School of Mechanical Engineering, showed his various awards in some science and technology competitions. Xu Huizi, from the School of Foreign Studies, shared her experience in some international conferences and forums such as the UN General Assembly as a simultaneous interpreter. He was unanimously praised; Du Baolin, from the School of Civil Engineering and Mechanics, had visited more than 100 ancient villages to raise people’s awareness of protecting of ancient villages, which reflected the mission and responsibility of college students.

The “Most Beautiful Graduates” selection event has been held for four years since 2016. The graduates selected shared their growth experiences, and effectively demonstrated the leading role of peers, further enhanced the pertinence and effectiveness of our education in YSU.

[Translated by Yu Miao]

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