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Zhao Xiaofeng and other leaders join in beautifying YSU environment



[News from the News Center] On May 27, in response to building Qinhuangdao into a National Hygienic City, YSU Committee of the Communist Youth League organized “Liang Yan” voluntary service of beautifying YSU environment. At 12:30, Zhao Xianfeng, YSU Party Secretary, Yu Shujiang, YSU Vice President, and other leaders joined in the activity, and cleaned the environment of the campus together with the students. More than 1,000 students volunteered in the activity and completed their assigned work.

Zhao Xianfeng cleans the billboard. (Photographed by Liu Yan, the News Center)

Yu Shujiang cleans the billboard. (Photographed by Liu Yan, the News Center)

Volunteers (Photo from YSU Committee of the Communist Youth League)

Despite of hot weather, Zhao Xianfeng and other leaders, cleaned the billboard, picked up rubbish, and placed the bicycles in lines together with members of YSU Youth Volunteers Association, Lei Feng Service Team, Fanxing Volunteers Association, Qimingxing Volunteers Association, and Shuidi Public Service Team. Volunteersparticipated in the activity with great enthusiasm, and made significant improvement of the campus environment. While working, the leaders exchanged with the students the meaning of voluntary service, the importance of creating a comfortable campus environment, and the firm attitude ofsmoking control.

Zhao Xianfeng pointed out that beautifying the campus environment has long-term significance and needs to be a long-term action. The teachers and students are required to actively participate in the beautification of campus. It is necessary to make it a habit of everyone to improve the campus environment where we study, work and live together with our own hands. Zhao Xianfeng also put forward some specific requirements for further improving the campus environment.

Beautifying and cleaning the campus is one of the normalized volunteer service forms carried out by YSU young volunteers. The “Liang Yan” voluntary service aims to help buildQinhuangdao into a National Hygienic City and improve campus environment with volunteer service. Besides, it is expected to create a good atmosphere of “realizing the university’s pride with everyone’s devotion”, and establish the ability to manage to do thing with perseverance. Furthermore, it is hoped to greet YSU Fourth Congress of CPCwith practical action.

[Translated by Xing Tong]

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