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YSU Graduate School Party Branch and Tsinghua University Graduate School Party Branch jointly organized the theme Party Day activities



[News from the News Center] On May 16, the joint theme Party Day activities were organized by the Party Branch of the Graduate School of Tsinghua University and Yanshan University Graduate School Party Branch to study the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the 100th anniversary of the May Fourth Movement.

Eight members of the Party branch of the Graduate School of Tsinghua University, the Party Branch of the Second Party Branch, Dong Yuan, and the Party Branch of the Yanshan University Graduate School participated in the event. Zhao Yongsheng, YSU Vice President, Huang Sheng, YSU Vice President, and YSU departmental Party Secretary Zhen Hongjun attended the event. The event was hosted by Wang Peilong, secretary of the Party branch of the Graduate School.

Zhao Yongsheng gave a welcome speech. He extended a warm welcome to the party members of the Tsinghua University Graduate School. He pointed out that through the joint theme party day activities we will recall our original heart, bear the mission in mind, inherit and carry forward the great spirit of the May Fourth Movement. YSU Graduate school should use this precious opportunity to study from Tsinghua University in the May Fourth The strong patriotism played by the patriotic movements and methods of Tsinghua University in the management of degree and postgraduate education.

Zhao Yongsheng speaks at the meeting.

Huang Wei introduced the history and development of our university, and introduced the basic situation of our university and the achievements in terms of curriculum planning, scientific research, service society and international exchange in recent years, as well as the development blueprint of our university in building the first-class university.

Huang Sheng speaks at the meeting.

Dong Yuan speaks at the meeting.

The meeting in session

During the study and communication session, the event members watched the video of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech at the 100th anniversary of the May Fourth Movement and learned relevant written materials. Dong Yuan believes that studying the speech of General Secretary Xi and carrying forward the spirit of the May Fourth Movement, Tsinghua University has always taken root in motherland and strive to build a world-class postgraduate education with Chinese characteristics, Guan Yingping believes that higher education institutions should strengthen patriotism education, educate and guide students to love the motherland, love the people, and cultivate high-level innovative talents that take root in the people and contribute to the country. Yan Hongjun believes that contemporary college students are an important part of the younger generation. In the new era, they must continue to carry forward the spirit of the May Fourth Movement and be the forerunners, pioneers and devotees at the forefront of the times.

The group photo of the participants

Accompanied by Wang Yashan, Assistant General Manager of Hebei Port Group Co., Ltd., the event members visited and studied the Yanshan University Graduate Practice Base Hebei Port Group Co., Ltd. (Qinhuangdao Port), visited the Qinhuangdao Port Museum and Xigang Industrial Park, and visited the large loading and unloading of Qinhuangdao Port. Through the visit, all members had a deeper understanding of the glorious history of Qinhuangdao Port over the past 100 years and the rapid development after the founding of the People's Republic of China. They are delighted and encouraged by the enourmous changes that have taken place in the 70 years of New China.

[Translated by Yu Miao]

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