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YSU wins awards in the Qinhuangdao City Workers Badminton Tournament


[News from the News Center] On June 2, the “Port Cup” staff badminton competition organized by Qinhuangdao City Federation of Trade Unions ended in the competition hall of Qinhuangdao Training Base of the State Sports General Administration.

There are 31 units, and more than 400 players from 35 teams participated in this contest. Our university selected 23 players including Chen Jie to participate in the competition. In the four-day competition, the players won the fifth place in the group competition, Chen Jie and Wang Fengyan won the third place in the youth group, Zhang Hongwang, Mu Dejun, Yu Jiaxiang, and Liu Jing won the fifth and sixth place in the middle-aged mixed doubles group respectively. Our university also won the Excellent Organization Award.

Youth Group Mixed Doubles Competition

Group mixed doubles

Badminton is a favorite sports of the faculty and staff of our university. Badminton has enriched our spare time and stimulated our enthusiasm and physical fitness. Teacher Chen Jie, president of the Badminton Association of our school, said: “On the one hand, we will continue to run the association as usual, and attract more faculty and staff to participate in this campaign. On the other hand, we must strengthen our training, improve our technique, and strive to make progress in the future.”

[Translated by Lv Bo]

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