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YSU held the second YUBA faculty men’s basketball game



[News from the News Center] On the evening of June 25, the second YUBA faculty men's basketball game held by the university union, hosted by the faculty basketball association and the School of Physical Education. After 34 fierce competitions, the School of Physical Education, the School of Mechanical Engineering, logistics group, and the School of Electrical Engineering won the top four competitions.

The basketball game in session

The basketball game received strong support from various departments of our university. A total of 156 faculty members from 12 teams participated in the games. The competition officially began on June 17 and was divided into two stages: single round competition and the final. During the competition, the teams were carefully organized, and all the team members worked hard and tacitly, showing a high-spirited cooperation.

The basketball game has enriched the faculty and staff's spare time and enhanced their communication, which played a positive role in building a harmonious campus and promoting the scientific development of the university.

[Translated by Yu Miao]

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