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YSU graduate students won the awards in the first legal document writing competition for law students in the five provinces of North China



[News from the News Center] On July 7, 2019, the award ceremony of the first legal document writing contest for law students in the five provinces (cities, autonomous regions) of North China was held at Hebei University of Economics and Business. Zhu Jin (Instructor Chen Haiping) won the first prize, Hana Ge’er (Instructor Chen Haiping), Chen Shan (Instructor Luo Jie) won the second prize, and YSU won the award for outstanding organization.

YSU School of Humanities and Law won the award for best organization.

The competition was co-sponsored by the Hebei Provincial Education Department, the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, the Tianjin Municipal Education Commission, the Shanxi Provincial Education Department, and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Education Department. The Hebei Provincial Law Graduate Education Steering Committee and the Hebei University of Economics and Law Law School, China Postgraduate Supported by the magazine of Graduate Education, the participants are full-time law graduates (including academic degrees and professional degree graduates) from five provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) in North China. The competition is divided into two parts: the preliminary competitions of the provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) and the finals of the five provinces (cities, autonomous regions) in North China. The preliminary competitions are conducted by means of electronic submissions, and the finals are conducted by on-site written test. Eighty-five colleges in five provinces (cities, autonomous regions) organized this competition. After the network preliminary competition, 52 students were selected to the finals of the written test. In the final stage, a special prize, a first prize, 10 and a second prize were awarded.

Zhu Jin won the first prize.

Chen Shan won the second prize.

Hana Ge’er won the second prize.

By participating in the competition, the reform of the postgraduate training mode of our university has been further deepened, and the education of high-level talents in law, especially the master degree of law, has been improved, and the legal document writing ability of law graduate students has been enhanced, which helped lay a good foundation for the education of law talent in our country.

[Translated by Yu Miao]

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