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Huawei representatives come to YSU for strategic cooperation



[News from the News Center] On the afternoon of August 15, Li Songmeng, deputy general manager of the Education Department of Huawei’s China Business Department, and his team came to YSU for the strategic cooperation. Zhao Yongsheng, the standing committee member of CPC YSU Committee and Vice President, met with representatives of Huawei Company in the first reception room of the Century Building and discussed and exchanged ideas. The directors from the President’s Office, the Academic Affairs Office, the Science and Technology Research Institute, and the Information Technology Center participated in the meeting.

The meeting in session

On behalf of YSU, Zhao Yongsheng expressed warm welcome to the representatives of Huawei to come to our university to further discuss strategic cooperation. He said that YSU and Huawei have established a good cooperative relationship for a long time. The two sides have broad cooperation space and potential. Through this school-enterprise strategic cooperation, YSU and Huawei will be promoted in scientific research, teaching practice, and smart campus construction.

Li Songmeng introduced in detail the cooperation methods and implementation details of Huawei and YSU in scientific research cooperation, he said that Huawei, as the world’s leading ITC infrastructure and intelligent terminal provider, will give full play to its advantages and carry out extensive and in-depth cooperation with YSU to promote YSU’s smart campus construction and the sustainable development of Huawei’s company.

At the meeting, the two sides conducted detailed exchanges and discussions on relevant cooperation matters and reached a preliminary consensus, laying the foundation for the next step of signing the strategic cooperation agreement.

[Translated by Yu Miao]

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