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YSU held the First Academic Forum on Chinese Teaching and Research



[News from the News Center]In order to strengthen academic exchanges and promote the development of Chinese language and literature, YSU School of Humanities and Law and Nanjing Normal University School of Literature jointly held the First Academic Forum on Chinese Teaching and Research on August 20.  

The conference in session

Zhao Yongsheng speaks at the conference.

Professor Zhao Yongsheng, YSU Vice President, Dong Zhiqiao, Distinguished Professor on Special Allowances of the Government of the State Council from Nanjing Normal University, Professor Li Yinsheng, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, Guangxi Normal University, Professor Wang Qitao, Dean of the School of Ethnic Studies, Southwest Normal University, Professor Weng Gangmin, Dean of YSU School of Humanities and Law among other 80 participants from more than 50 universities and research institutions across the country attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was held by Yang Jianmin, Deputy Dean of YSU School of Humanities and Law.  

At the opening ceremony, Zhao Yongsheng introduced the development history of YSU and the major achievements of the school in recent years to the guests, and wished the forum a complete success. Weng Gangmin introduced the general situation of theS chool of Humanities and Law and the research achievements in recent years to the participants, and extended a warm welcome to the participants. On behalf of the School of Liberal Arts of Nanjing Normal University, Dong Zhiqiao gave an overall introduction to the theme of the forum and the papers presented, expressing the expectations of the future exchanges and cooperation between the two universities and the thanks to the organizers.  

This forum focused on the theme of Chinese Teaching and Research in the New Era Background, and conducted a main conference and four sub-conference sessions. Participants conducted academic reports on topics such as Chinese ontology research, Chinese language teaching research, Chinese literature culture research, and Chinese international education research. Li Li, Gao Yingze, Chen Jing, Jiang Yongchao, Zheng Mei and Li Xiaopeng, faculty members of the School of Humanities and Law respectively submitted papers for the conference and made a report on the venue. In addition, Gao Yingze and Jiang Yongchao presided over the second and third session reports respectively.

The conference has promoted the atmosphere of academic in our university and the exchanges and cooperation with other universities, which promoted the development of Chinese teaching research and practice.

[Translated by Yu Miao]

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