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YSU students participate in the exchange program of Boya Summer School, Lingnan University, Hong Kong


[News from the News Center] From July 13 to August 3, 12 excellent undergraduates were selected to study in Boya Summer School, Lingnan University of Hong Kong for three weeks.  

YSU students participate in the exchange program of Boya Summer School, Lingnan University, Hong Kong.

At Boya Summer School of Lingnan University, students took media literacy, corporate social responsibility, Hong Kong pop culture, macroeconomics, sociology analysis and market investment courses. The study model features professor’s in-class instruction, out-class practice, and after-school group presentations, which fully motivates students' enthusiasm for learning. This study model turns students passive study to an active one. The diversity of teaching methods and the advanced learning system are the highlights of the liberal arts class. Students use their spare time to experience the prosperous and diverse culture of Hong Kong, enjoying the beautiful scenery, tasting the delicious food, and learning the history and culture of Hong Kong.  

In the days of learning and living together with teachers and students from different countries and regions, students not only learned new knowledge, opened up new ideas, gained new experiences, knew new friends, but also learned from Hong Kong. They gain a deeper understanding of its education and cultural heritage.

Lingnan University, born in Guangzhou in 1888, is now one of the eight public universities in Hong Kong. It is a member of the World Boya College Alliance, a founding member of the Asian Boya University Alliance, a member of the Jinggang University Alliance and the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau University Alliance, and International Accredited member of the Association of Higher Business Schools (AACSB). In 2015, it was named one of Asias top ten liberal arts colleges by Forbes. Lingnan University focuses on the humanities and social sciences and is a teaching university with a focus on undergraduate education. The univeristy implements highly interactive small class teaching model which creates a close teacher-student relationship. The course features a broad-based, cross-disciplinary curriculum that aims to give student liberal Arts Education and Transformation for Life.

[Translated by Liu Shuai]

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