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Zhao Dingxuan leads delegation to UT, USA



[News from the News Center] From Sept. 26 to 30, Zhao Dingxuan leads a delegation to the University of Toledo (UT), USA. The delegation attended the 10th anniversary of founding of the Confucius Institute jointly established by YSU and UT. Through fruitful exchanges, the existing friendship between the two universitieshas been consolidated and further developed, more cooperation has been opened up, and cooperation between the two universities has been deepened.

Dr. Sharon Gabor (L5), President of UT, meets YSU delegation.

On the morning of Sept. 27 (EST), Dr. Sharon Gabor, President of UT, and Dr. William Ayres, Academic Dean of UT, met with Zhao Dingxuan and his delegation. Gabor congratulated Prof. Zhao Dingxuan on his being appointed as the president and welcomed the delegation. She stressed that UT thinks highly of the friendship and cooperation with YSU and the two universities have very good cooperation foundations in many fields. She hopes that the two sides will continue to strengthen academic exchanges and expand cooperation fields. Zhao Dingxuan thanked Gabor for her warm welcome. He said that it was his first visit to UT as the President of YSU, and that he attaches great importance to the friendship between the two universities and is expecting further cooperation in the future .Zhao Dingxuan spoke highly of the achievements of cooperation, especially by the Confucius Institute, and praised UT as the most important partner of YSU in the United States. He pointed out that based on the platform of the Confucius Institute, the two universities have carried out pragmatic exchanges and cooperation, which were strongly affirmed, highly regarded and widely praised by the Chinese and American communities and media. Thus, YSU delegation happily comes and attends the celebration for the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Confucius Institute.

Zhao Dingxuan also introduced YSU’s important achievements in talent training, discipline construction, scientific research, international exchanges and cooperation in recent years, and invited Gabor to visit YSU during the 100th anniversary of the founding of YSU. Gabor thanked Zhao for his kind invitation and expressed her expectation for the anniversary. She also officially invited Zhao Dingxuan to attended the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the founding of UT in 2022.

After the meeting of the school leaders, Zhao Ding and his delegation visited the UT Center of International Affairs. They exchanged views with Sara Clark, Director of the Center, and Yu Xinren, Deputy Director of the Center. The two sides conducted in-depth discussion on teacher trainingof English-languagelectures and sending out students.

The symposium between YSU delegation and UT Center of International Affairs

The symposium between YSU delegation and UT College of Engineering

The symposium between YSU delegation and UT College of Education

Zhao Dingxuan also met with the head of the College of Engineering and the College of Education. Atthe meeting with Dr. Michael Toole, Dean of the College of Engineering, and three deputy deans, Zhao gave detailed introduction to the achievements of YSU in engineering disciplines, including the research results of the “superhard materials” by the academician Tian Yongjun, and YSU’s contribution to major national projects:Chinese “sky-eye” single-aperture spherical telescope, China's homemade large passenger aircraft C919, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, BeiDou Navigation Satellite System, Shenzhou Spacecrafts, high-speed railways, multi-functional emergency rescue vehicles. Prof. Wang Limin, Dean of the School of Materials Science and Engineering, gave a special report. Michael expressed sincere congratulations and admiration for the scientific research achievements in the engineering field of YSU, and looked forward to achieving more in-depth substantive cooperation with YSU. The two sides agreed to carry out specific cooperation projects such as teacher and graduate visits and joint training of postgraduate as soon as possible, and designated specific personnel to be responsible for docking. At the College of Education, the delegation conducted detailed communication on the “1+1+1” joint training program for master education, which is expected to be signed at the end of this year and will be implemented in May 2020, with Dean Dr. Raymond Witte, Associate Dean Dr. Rebecca Schneider, Dr. Jenny Denyer, Director of Normal Education Department, and Zheng Anzhong, leader of the project. During the visit, Zhao Dingxuan also met with Dr. Karen Bjorkman, UT Academic Head, Dr. Benjamin Barros, Dean of the College of Law, and Dr. Linda Lewandowski, Dean of the College of Nursing. They exchanged views and reached a number of cooperation intentions.

Zhao Dingxuan and the delegation visit our teachers and students at the Confucius Institute at UT.

YSU delegation

(Photos above from YSU International Cooperation Division)

This visit to UT achieved fruitful results, further consolidating the friendship between the two universities, enhancing mutual understanding and trust, highlighting the role of the Confucius Institute, which is the foundation of exchanges and cooperation. It will have an important and far-reaching impacton enriching the cooperation between the two universities and improving the cooperation between the two universities. The delegation includes the heads of relevant departments such as the International Cooperation Office, the School of Materials Science and Engineering, the School of Foreign Studies, the School of Arts and Design, the Office of the President, and the teachers and students.

[Translated by Xing Tong]

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