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YSU hosted a seminar on “The construction of community of shared destiny”



[News from the News Center] From September 21-22, the Seminar on “The construction of community of shared destiny” sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Humanities and hosted by YSU School of Marxism was held in Beidaihe. More than 120 experts and scholars from about 70 universities and research institutes including Peking University, CPC Central Party School, Renmin University of China, Beijing Normal University, Fudan University, Wuhan University, Jilin University, Nankai University, and Zhongshan University attended the meeting. .

The seminar in session

Huang Sheng, YSU Deputy Party Secretary, speaks at the seminar.

At the opening ceremony, Professor Huang Sheng, YSU Deputy Party Secretary and Dean of the School of Marxism, delivered a speech. He introduced the history, the characteristics, and the development of YSU and the School of Marxism. Prof. Feng Ziyi, the President of the Society of Chinese Humanities and Professor of Philosophy Department at Peking University, gave a comprehensive explanation of the theme of the conference and the topics discussed. He stated the role of the community of human destiny in the historical process, the development of a community of human destiny, and human development. The relationship between each other and mutual promotion is explained. Professor Wang Xinhua, Secretary of the Party Committee and Executive Deputy Dean of YSU School of Marxism presided over the opening ceremony. Famous scholars Chen Xueming, Han Qingxiang, Tao Fuyuan, Fan Wen, Yan Mengwei, Chen Xinxia, Zhong Minghua, Zhang Youyi, Zheng Yongkou, Yuan Jifu, and other teachers from the School of Marxism, Zhang Yunfei and Chen Buwei, made speeches at the conference.

The participating experts discussed the relationship between “common value and universal value”, “the humanistic implication of the community of human destiny” “the Marxist world history theory and the community of human destiny”, and “the community of destiny and the common living conditions of mankind” among others.

The closing ceremony was hosted by Xu Chun, the Vice President of the Society of Chinese Humanities and Professor of Peking University. Prof. Fan Wen, Vice President of Society of Chinese Humanities and the Party School of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, summed up the meeting. He spoke highly of the conference for its topics, active participants, and enormous support from various institutions. Finally, Professor Wang Xinhua of YSU thanked all participants for their strong support and thanked the scholars for sharing their wisdom.

[Translated by Yu Miao]

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