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Yanshan University held the 4th Food Festival Finals



[News from the News Center] At 11:30, October 27, YSU held the final for the 4th food festival at the dining hall, West Campus. After two rounds of competition, some delicious dishes were elected. The dishes such as delicious dumplings and crispy fried chicken legs won the first prize. The brown sugar glutinous rice bran, fruit pudding, fruit wood roast duck, crispy chicken and other dishes won the second prize, Xue Mei Niang, Bole ribs, signature fishmeal, saliva chicken and other dishes won the third prize. In addition, dishes such as Maojia Braised Pork, Xiaolong Sea and Delicious Xiaolongbao won the Creative Award in this food festival. The relevant teachers of the Youth League Committee and the staff from Logistics Group Food and Beverage Service Center attended the event and presented awards to the winners.

Student team is making the dishes.

Food Festival Finals

The dishes for the competition

The prize winners

Before the official start of the competition, the six student teams have been actively preparing for the canteen kitchen. They come from all over the country to cook a variety of dishes with different flavors and hometown culture. Although the students did not have professional training, the dishes they made were still full of flavors and fragrances, which were highly praised by the judges. The chefs in the cafeteria also showed their talents, the unique and delicious dumplings, the crispy fried chicken legs that make the population fragrant, and the grilled fish with delicious meat. The dishes on the spot not only gave us a visual impact on the color, but also made a wonderful trip for our taste buds.

The event was jointly organized by the Yanshan University Committee of the Communist Youth League and the Logistics Group of Yanshan University, and was hosted by the Student Union of Yanshan University. The Food Culture Festival is a unique campus cultural activity of our university. It aims to inherit the profound food culture of our country, promote the construction of a harmonious culture on campus, and cultivate the character of self-cultivation.

[Translated by Lv Bo]

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