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YSU starts the preparatory work for the Northeast Asian Ancient Silk Road Civilization Museum (Research Center)



[News from the News Center]In order to further promote the opening of our university and mobilize resources from all walks of life to serve the development of YSU, strengthen traditional cultural studies, and help China’s “One Belt, One Road” strategy. Researchers and historians of the Museum of Heilongjiang River, YSU initiated the preparatory work for the Northeast Asian Ancient Silk Road Civilization Museum (Research Center)based on the generous donation from Mr. Deng Shuping.

In order to ensure the preparation work of the museum (research center), YSU has organized a preparation committee which consists of the team leader Zhao Xianfeng, YSU Party Secretary, vice president Ren Jiadong, Wang Desong, Yu Shujiang as the deputy leader among other staff from the relevant departments. The preparation team has an office, which is located in the archives. The director of the office is concurrently served by the Director of the archives, Helian Huawei, and the deputy director is also invited by Deng Shuping and deputy director of the party committee office, Guo Pei who will be responsible for the review relevant documents of the museum as well as relevant work such as exhibition collection, exhibition outline preparation, daily management and research.

The evaluation conference in session

The group photo of Zhao Yinfeng, YSU Party Secretary, and the experts.

YSU leadership and the alumni in Harbin

On the morning of October 26, our university invited six famous archaeologists, historians, museum construction and military cultural relics experts in our country to conduct an overall value evaluation work on the donations from Mr. Deng Shuping in Harbin. The conference conducted a feasibility study for the establishment of Yanshan University the Northeast Asian Ancient Silk Road Civilization Museum (Research Center). The expert group consists of archaeologists, former deputy director of the Capital Museum, former director of the Beijing Institute of Cultural Relics, Mr. Qi Xin, archaeologist, Mr. Feng Yongqian of the Liaoning Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology, expert of Northeastern History, Mr. Wei Guozhong of Heilongjiang Academy of Social Sciences, Northeast Professor Li Deshan, director of the Northeast National Folk Museum of the Normal University, director of the Institute of Ancient Books, and doctoral supervisor, Professor Zhang Zhongliang from the Institute of Strategic Studies of the Chinese Academy of Military Sciences and Li Baocai, Director of the Museum of the Cultural Relics Bureau of Hebei Province as well as the YSU preparation group Zhao Xianfeng, Helian Huawei, and Guo Pei.

The experts at the meeting conducted some verification of the collections collected and donated by Mr. Deng Shuping. Experts believe that Mr. Deng Shuping has devoted many years to field archaeological and historical research. His collections include Quaternary animal groups of paleontological fossils and Neolithic ages, bronze ages, and early Iron Age cultural relics. Covering various historical stages of local national political power (including political power), military, ethnic, folk customs, shamans, sacrifices along the historical roads and the ancient roads in Northeast Asia, the collections are rich and self-contained, with high value in history, culture and society. Studying the value of research and the value of scientific research and education is of great significance for strengthening the cultural studies along the ancient Silk Road in Northeast China and Northeast Asia, and popularizing the historical and cultural knowledge of college students and the public. Experts unanimously believe that in the critical period when China attaches great importance to cultural construction and strengthens cultural self-confidence, Yanshan University uses the special geographical location of the ancient and modern throats of Northeast Asia and the strategic location of Qinhuangdao, based on the donations donated by Mr. Deng Shuping, to build the first domestic Northeast Asia Ancient Silk Road Civilization Museum (Research Center) is a far-sighted and practical decision-making. It will contribute to China's “One Belt, One Road” strategy, and promotes cultural exchanges with Japan, Korea, Korea, Russia and Mongolia.

During the business trip, Zhao Xianfeng and the delegation also visited some alumni in Harbin and listened to their opinions on the development of our university. Yanshan University Heilongjiang Alumni Association and some alumni in Harbin gave great support and help to the museum (research center) preparation work.

[Translated by Yu Miao]

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