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YSU wins awards in the 2019 “Reading China” campaign of the Ministry of Education



[News from the News Center] A few days ago, the Ministry of Education’s Commission for Work and Development announced the list of outstanding works of the “Reading China” campaign in 2019. Our university committee submitted “Remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind” (Authors: Chumin, Li Xiuyuan, Yang Xiaoxu, Wang Shaoyun, Wang Zihan, Narrator: Wang Zihan, Instructor: Bai Jing). “Joining the army, devoting to the study of steel rolling” (Authors: Liu Shijie, Wang Yufan, Wang Qian, Narrator: Liu Shijie, instructor: Chai Yong), and “A song with my motherland” (Authors: Zhao Xian, Zheng Xin, Narrator: Zhao Xian, instructor: Yang Yao) was rated the best three essays. And the micro-video of interviewing of Professor Huang Zhen (Authors: Zheng Xin, Zhao Xian, instructor: Ke Tiejun) was rated excellent micro video. There are three micro videos and four articles from Hebei Province won the prizes. All the three articles selected by our university have won the best articles, ranking the first in China with Tongji University

In accordance with the “Notice on the Comprehensive Implementation of “Reading China” Activities by the Ministry of Education’s Commission for Work and the Relevant Documents of the Hebei Provincial Education Department Commission, on April 21 this year, our university Committee, the Retirement Party Committee, and the Marxist College, the Archives and the Marxist Research Association jointly organized the launching ceremony of the “Reading China - My Country and I" campaign. During the activity, the students learned about the touching stories of Lian Jiachuang, Huang Zhen, Shen Guangxian and Kang Dazhao among other retired teachers. They completed four micro-videos and four essays, and were reviewed by the university’s committee, and finally were recommended to the Ministry of Education for the work of the Ministry of Education.

Winners with the awarding certificates

The meeting in session

Bai Jing speaks at the meeting.

Bai Jing gave a brief introduction to the event. He said that this activity innovated the form and content of ideological and political education for young college students, and also expanded the work platform of in our university; the students not only deeply understood the wonderful life of the senior teachers of our university, but also deeply felt the hard work in the process of entrepreneurship has been enhanced in terms of professional knowledge creation and practical ability. The good performance of our university student can reflect the hard work of our students as well as our teachers. Finally, Bai Jing expressed his heartfelt gratitude and congratulations to the students on behalf of the working committee of our university.

Chen Chunli speaks at the meeting.

Chen Chunli made a concluding speech. He said that the launch of this event coincided with the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China. There are nearly a thousand colleges and universities and more than one million college students. Our school has achieved outstanding results in this activity. It is a comprehensive display of teaching, research, education and other aspects of our school. He emphasized that the achievement is the result of the joint efforts of all students and teachers.

The “Reading China” activity is a brand activity launched by the Ministry of Education’s Commission for the Work of the Ministry of Education to help the main channel to carry out ideological and political education. It aims to influence people around the network. Nearly 1,000 colleges and universities, more than one million college students participated in the interview. The Ministry of Education and the Commission for the Work of the Ministry of Education organized experts to evaluate 590 essays and 239 micro-videos recommended by the provinces and ministries directly. 60 best essays and 30 best micro-videos were selected for the “Reading China” event in 2019. Excellent works were broadcasted and commissioned by China Education TV Station. From August 7-10, the three best essays won by our university were recorded on China Education TV Station. The broadcast program will be held from October 7 to November 4 every Monday to Thursday in China Education TV Station. The 11:30-12:00 time period will be broadcasted successively as well as presented in other channels.

[Translated by Liu Shuai]

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