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YSU leaders visit CALT and PLA Academy of Armored Forces


[News from the News Center] On Nov. 26, Zhao Xianfeng, YSU Party Secretary, and Zhao Dingxuan, YSU President, visited alumni and discuss cooperation at China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology (CALT) and PLA Academy of Armored Forces, accompanied by Zhao Yongsheng, and Guo Pei, Deputy Director of YSU Party Office.  

YSU delegation and YSU alumnus Tang Guohong (middle)

(Photo from YSU Party Office)

On the morning of November 26, the delegation came to CALT, where they were warmly received by Li Minghua, Party Secretary of CALT, and Tang Guohong, Deputy Director of CALT and YSU alumnus, as well as heads of relevant departments. Li Minghua extended a warm welcome to the visit of YSU leaders and introduced its history, development and the major national projects. Besides, he expressed thankfulness to YSU for the student education and cooperation in some research projects. He said that YSU has its own characteristics and strength in its discipline, which are highly compatible with the CALT. He hoped that YSU will further deepen practical cooperation in personnel training, platform construction, and scientific and technological research, and jointly serve the national aerospace industry and the national rejuvenation. Tang Guohong recalled the experience when he studied at YSU, and thanked his alma mater, expressing his willingness to help deepen the cooperation between YSU and the CALT.  

Zhao Xianfeng extended his sincere gratitude for the warm reception of CALT and the long-lasting support for YSU, and expressed his respect for the aerospace spirit and CALT’s contributions to the construction of the national science and technology innovation system and to the national defense. He pointed out that YSU has carried forward its spirit of struggle and aspirations to serve the country, and has taken the responsibility to serve the major national strategies of military-civilian integration and innovation-driven development of national defense science and technology industry. Zhao hoped that both sides would carry out all-round and in-depth cooperation to jointly serve the national strategy and the development of the aerospace industry. Zhao Dingxuan mainly introduced YSU’s disciplinary characteristics, scientific research advantages, achievements, and areas for further cooperation between the two sides. He looked forward to working together to make more contributions to the country’s development and national rejuvenation. Accompanied by YSU alumnus Tang Guohong, YSU leaders also visited the exhibition room of CALT, the assembly workshop and the China Aerospace Museum.  

On the afternoon of November 26, the delegation came to PLA Academy of Armored Forces and was warmly received by Major General Xu Hang, Director of the Academy, and heads of the relevant departments. At the symposium, Xu Hang warmly welcomed the delegation and introduced the situation of the Academy. Xu said that YSU has a fine tradition and strong strength in scientific research, and those who graduate from YSU have solid foundation of knowledge. Considering the existing cooperation between the two sides, the prospects are very broad. He looked forward to further cooperation between the Academy and the university, through deepening all-round and pragmatic cooperation to serve the national strategy of the military and civilian integration.  

Zhao Xianfeng said that this visit broadened their horizon and expressed his sincere admiration for the contributions the Academy has made to the country and the army over the years. The two sides have many research areas and directions in common, which lays a good foundation for further cooperation. Next year will witness the 100th anniversary since the establishment, and the 60th anniversary of independent running. The Academy will also celebrate its 70th anniversary next year. Zhao hoped the two sides will take this as an opportunity to strengthen interaction and deepen comprehensive cooperation in graduate student cultivation, joint research platforms, and collaborative research on major projects. Zhao Dingxuan mainly introduced YSU’s scientific research advantages and achievements in the fields of machinery, materials, control, information and other disciplines, as well as the key technology being developed, hoping to contribute more to national defense and army.  

Both sides agreed to sign the comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement as soon as possible. Before the symposium, accompanied by Major General Xu Hang, the delegation also visited the Armored Equipment Exhibition Hall and some key laboratories of the s Academy.

[Translated by Xing Tong]

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