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YSU continues to make remarkable contributions to the national large aircraft industry



[News from the News Report] Recently, China Commercial Aircraft Test and Verification Center and the State Key Laboratory of Civil Aircraft Simulator Flight have sent a thank-you letter to our university for our contributions to the development of domestic regional aircraft ARJ21-700 and large passenger aircraft C919.

Thank you letter from COMAC Test and Validation Center

In recent years, relying on its own strength, many disciplines and scientific research teams of our university have made outstanding contributions to the development of large domestic aircraft, which broke through several key technologies in the design of civil aircraft hydraulic piping systems, joint bearing life assessment, and C919 aircraft fuselage transportation equipment. These contributions reflected our university's strength in basic research and common key technologies.

In 2014, YSU Professor Kong Xiangdong’ team, together with Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, COMAC, AVIC, and other institutions, jointly undertook the National Key Basic Research Program (973 Program) project “Large aircraft research on the basic research of the new system of electro-hydraulic power control and actuation system. Prof. Kong Xiangdong presided over the program “Vibration and noise traceability and control of complex fluid power transmission system”, and Prof. Quan Lingxiao served as the project contact and academic backbone. During the project research, the scientific research team not only attached importance to the breakthrough of the basic theory of fluid-solid coupling dynamics of the aviation hydraulic pipeline system, but also paid close attention to the key technical requirements for domestic civil aircraft development. Prof. Quan Lingxiao and COMAC jointly carried out hydraulic pipeline dynamic analysis of typical parts of C919 aircraft, ARJ21-700 hydraulic pipeline dynamic analysis and optimization design of the entire pipeline system.

COMAC and YSU were awarded the second prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Award

It is reported that due to the remarkable achievements in the field of aviation hydraulic pipeline dynamics, it has been recognized by AVIC Nanjing Mechanical and Electrical Industry Center. The center had invited our university to undertake the research and analysis work for 2H2E aircraft hydraulic energy system and dynamic analysis of 5000psi aviation hydraulic pipeline. This research work is for the development of wide-body passenger aircraft CR929, which will further help the realization of the Chinese dream of civil aircraft.

In addition, the research team of our university has been dedicated to scientific research services in the aerospace field in recent years, and jointly developed the 10-meter carrier rocket fuel tank vertical assembly system with China Aerospace Science and Technology Group First and Eighth Research Institutes and China's permanent service space station, and its performance has been well received by the partner institutions.

[Translated by Lv Bo]

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