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YSU wins awards in ICPC International College Student Program Design Competition --Asia Regional Competition


[News from the News Report] From November 23-24, the 44th ICPC International College Student Program Design Contest Asian Regional Competition was held at Shanghai University, students Dai Hao, Li Quming majoring in Software Engineering, and student Chen Yiming majoring in Computer Science formed a contestant team under the guidance of Mu Yunfeng, and won a bronze medal after a fierce competition.

Group photo of contestants

Awarding certificate

This competition is the first ICPC Asian regional competition that our university participated in this year. It competes with 187 domestic and foreign universities, including Tsinghua University, Peking University, Zhejiang University, Kim Il Sung University, Hong Kong University, Korean University of Technology, Mongolia University of Science and Technology, etc. The 300 participating teams competed in the same field. The participating teams of our university calmly and actively cooperated in the competition, and finally achieved the breakthrough of our university in the ICPC competition. The International College Student Program Design Contest, which was organized in 1970, is an annual competition that demonstrates college students’ innovative ability, teamwork, and ability to analyze and solve problems by writing programs under pressure. Participants need to solve 10-13 actual programming problems with one machine within 5 hours. ICPC has now developed into the most influential computer competition for college students in the world, known as the Olympic competition in the computer field.

[Translated by Liu Shuai]

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