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YSU students serve at the Airport Customs as foreign language volunteers


[News from the News Center]The global prevalence of the COVID-19 epidemic has posed a huge challenge for our domestic epidemic containing work. After the Shijiazhuang Zhengding Airport was designated as one of the entries for international flights, the Provincial Youth League Committee had recruited airport volunteers to assist Custom staff in handling the entry procedures for foreigners. YSU students based in Shijiazhuang City responded quickly. In 12 hours, the “Yanshan University Emergency Foreign Language Volunteer Team” was formed. They are English majors Jia Yujie, Shi Jianing and Ren Cheng, Japanese majors Liang Xiaoyan (CPC member), Guo Qiang (CPC member), Zhao Qian, Cao Yuhang (CPC member), Gao Yue, Li Xining, Chen Zihao, Feng Yuxin, Zhang Chaojing, French major Shi Zirui and Zhang Zhan, and the team leader Hu Bingyu (CPC member) from Communist Youth League YSU Committee

For these Airport foreign language volunteers, they are eager to contribute to the work of epidemic containing regardless the risks of virus, they also demonstrate their language proficiency and all-round abilities in the frontlines. It turns out that they never let us down. In the petition for the volunteer service at airport, teacher Hu Bingyu wrote on behalf of all Yanshan University volunteers: “Even if we are as small as a firefly, we would like to light the road for others”.

Due to the increasingly serious epidemic containing work, there is a decrease in the number of international travelers, most student language volunteers go on standby. All the teachers and students of the foreign language emergency service team of our university join the group of Provincial Youth League Committee language volunteer service team and prepare for our country at any time.

The relentless epidemic will be contained by united efforts from all sectors, our volunteers are willing to serve our country and to contribute our youth.

[Translated by Lv Bo]

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