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YSU initiates the activity of jointly building Cloud Party Branches with many prestigious universities


[News from the News Center] With consideration of the epidemic and the requirements of the Central party Committee for the establishment of Party Branches, YSU initiates the activity of jointly building Cloud Party Branches with many Party Branches from some prestigious universities, such as the temporary E’bei Party Branch of Tsinghua University, the postgraduate Party Branch of Chang’an University, the undergraduate Party Branch of Hohai University, Xiangtan University, together with the undergraduate Party Branch of YSU School of Mechanical Engineering, this activity involves students from many fields and programs.

The opening ceremony of the joint construction of Cloud Party Branches

Universities of jointly building Cloud Party Branches

The launching ceremony of jointly building Cloud Party Branches was held at 15.00 pm, on April 25, the off-line venue was in Room 327 of the Mechanical Hall of university. Huang Sheng, YSU Deputy Party Secretary, Cai Dayong,  Cai Dayong, Organizational Department of YSU Party Committee, Cai Xingzhou, Student Affair Department of YSU Party Committee, and the leadership of the School of Mechanical Engineering among other relevant leaders. The launching ceremony was presided over by Wang Yinsi.

Huang Sheng speaks at the launching ceremony.

Huang Sheng delivered a speech at the launching ceremony, in which he spoke highly of the efforts made by the five Party Branches in the epidemic containing work as well as the creative form of joint construction of Party Branches. Then he put forward three requirements for the joint construction of Party Branches: the innovation in the forms of communication in the virtual context, the practicality and accessibility for young party member, and the rich connotation for the activity organization in order to build this Party Branches joint construction into a model for the activities of this type.

Student party members share their insights at the first activity meeting.

In the subsequent organizational meeting, Zhang Xiaodong, a student party member of our university expressed his understanding of the "Response from Xi Jinping to all" 90s "party members of Medical Support Team of Peking University". Party members of each branch shared their experiences and the stories of fighting against epidemic around them. After the meeting, the party members expressed their feelings of strong unity of the Chinese people, the superiority of the socialist system, and the happiness and pride of being a university student in China.

As the most basic party organization in colleges and universities, the student party branch is an important bridge for the party to connect with young students. The development of joint construction of party branches is an effective exploration of the communication between universities.

The rapid development of online platforms during the epidemic has provided new ideas and good methods for the cross-regional construction of party branches. Some activities, such as cloud party lessons and cloud movies will be organized in order to further explore the effective co-construction and realize the development of each party branch and the growth of each party member.

[Translated by Yu Miao]

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