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CulturalStudies of College Students’ Moral Personality, a monographby Wenhua Yang, won the second prize of the 13thHebei SocialScience Achievements Award.

Cultural Studies of CollegeStudents’ Moral Personalityis the final researchoutcome of “studies of the features of college students’ moral personality andeducational intervention”, a 2008 National Social Science Fund project hostedby Prof. Wenhua Yang.

From the perspective of culturalphilosophy, this book explores the formation of college students' moralpersonality. Starting from the changingcultural reality, the book pays close attention to the evolution of collegestudents' moral personality and analyzes their inner contradictions anddevelopment dilemma. It is suggested that college students' moral personalityeducation return to the life world, implement the strategy of"liberal" education and multi-dimensional (school, family, and society)construction of educational intervention countermeasures.

Thebook is divided into five chapters. The first chapter is the culturalfoundation of college students' moral personality; the second chapter, thecultural origin of college students' moral personality; the third chapter, thecultural challenge of contemporary college students' moral personality; thefourth chapter, flaw types of college students' moral personality; the fifthchapter, the construction of college students' moral personality educationmodel.

Itis proposed that college students' moral personality education follow three aspectssimultaneously: three-dimensional development, close-to-life development andcultural development. The reform of college students' moral personalityeducation should be based on the features of the student body for itsthoroughness.

Themain chapters have been published in the following journals: "TruthSeeking" "Moral Education China " "Journal of SocialistTheory Guide" "Education Research Monthly " "Modern EducationManagement" "Journal of Shanxi Normal University (SocialSciences)" "Tianfu New Idea" "Journal of Dalian Universityof Technology" "Ideological and Political Education Research""Journal of Fujian Normal University" "Journal of SouthwestJiaotong University" "Journal of Inner Mongolia NormalUniversity", winning 11 provincial-ministerial awards including the thirdprize of Ministry of Education Moral Education Achievements, and the firstprize of the 13thHebei Higher Education Scientific Research Achievements.

ControllingShareholders and the Listed Companies' Dividend Policies, a monograph by Chunling Li, won the second prize of The 13thHebeiSocial Science Achievements Award.

The book is a basic research on the application of enterprisefinancial management. With the economic development and increasing competition,it becomes more prominent that the decision-makers in economic activities encroachon other stakeholders’ interests aiming to maximize their own interests. Controllingshareholders, making financial decisions of listed companies, often manipulatedividend distribution. Dividend policies reflect the companies’ philosophy of interestdistribution which is a key for interest balance between the controlling andminority shareholders. However, in terms of the present interest distributionof China’s listed companies, the selection of dividend policies has a seriousinterest inclination towards the interest of controlling shareholders. Theinfluence needs to be standardized, otherwise, it will become a tool for controllingshareholders to encroach on interests of listed companies and minority shareholders.

Starting from the reality of China’s capital market, the bookcarries on a theoretical analysis of the power with which controllingshareholders manipulate dividend policies, and appliesgametheoryto analyzethe relationship among controllingshareholders, minority shareholders and supervision departments on the issue ofdividend distribution. It also studies the influence thatcontrolling shareholders have on distributiontendency anddynamicsof listed companies,explores the waysthe influence functions with case studies, and discusses the way how controllingshareholders distribute dividend influences shareholders.Finally, effective measures are proposed according to the findingsof the research.

Thetheoretical innovation and practical significance of the book are mainlyreflected in following aspects:

Based on the reality of China’s listedcompanies, thebookdoesanin-depth and systematic researchonthe relationship between controlling shareholders and dividend policies of listedcompanies from the perspective of ultimate owners.

Toraiseminority shareholders’ investment awareness andcultivate healthy capital market, the book proposes the development view and globalview of minority shareholders’ interests. The investigation of minority shareholders’interest should focus on the overall wealth changes of public shareholders of listedcompanies in the duration period.

Fromthe perspective of dividend distribution,thebookproposes thefinancial management target hypothesis for controlling shareholders to maximizetheir interest, which is verified by a series of research conclusions. Thehypothesis provides theoretical support and research materials for furtherresearch on dividend policies of listed companies and the reasonable evaluationof controlling shareholders' behaviors with the controlling mechanism ofcontrolling shareholders.

Basedon the research outcome,thebookproposes aseries of measures and policies to regulate the behaviors of controllingshareholders and optimize the capital operation of listed companies,providing theoretical reference and practical guidancefor supervision departments to make policies to promote the healthy developmentof capital market, for listed companies to strengthen enterprise management toenhance enterprise value, and for minority investors and creditors to protect theirown rights and interests.

Studieson the Development Strategies of China's Wind Power Industry, a series of papers by Weidong Meng, won the second prize of The 13thHebei Social Science Achievements Award.

The study is the final outcome ofStudies on the Independent Innovation Capabilityof China’s Wind Power Industry(No. 2008GXS5D108),2008 National Soft Science Program hosted by Professor Weidong Meng.The study traces back the development of China’s wind power industry;investigates its independent intellectual property rights, domestic and internationalwind power equipment suppliers and their technical innovation capability; and carriesout a comparative analysis of the development of wind power technology both athome and abroad. Based on that, the study conducts an in-depth exploration of theobstacles to independent innovation capabilityof China's wind power industry and their causes. For both thegovernment and enterprises, the study proposes some suggestions to enhance the independentinnovation capability of China's wind power generation industry, providingstrong support for the government policy-making.

Studieson Cognitive Function of Modern and Contemporary Inductive Logic, a series of papers by Bangfan Liu, won the second prize of The 14thHebei Social Science Achievements Award.

The research outcome consistsof 19 papers, 5 of which have been published in the authoritative academicjournals including “Philosophical Researches”, “Studiesin Dialectics of Nature”, “Philosophical Trends” and “Studies inLogic”, 1 reprinted by “Xinhua Digest”, 1 reprinted by“Duplications ofNewspaper and Periodicals” by Renmin University of China and 5 indexed byCSSCI. The main innovations are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

The papers made acomprehensive discussion of the innovation function of modern inductive logic inhuman cognition. The corresponding research is deepening, from qualitative descriptionto quantitative research, from the application of a single analytical tool forphilosophy and mathematics to the application of tools combined with psychology,physiology and computer technology, showing the prospects of its theoreticalresearch and practical application.

The papers had a systematicelaboration on the research and development of inductive logic. It is proposedthat the inductive logic went from qualitative cognition to quantitativecognition, from insufficient inductive cognition to complex inductive cognition.In general, modern logic (including modern inductive logic) will be furthercombined with cognitive science and cognitive practice, which will make unprecedentedcontribution to human cognition.

The combination of modernlogics with cognitive science and cognitive practice generally develops in twodirections: from static discussion to dynamic profiling and from a single toolto a combination of multiple means.

An innovative discussion of theinterdisciplinary of broad inductive logic, broad modal logic and broad cognitivelogic was made. The interdisciplinary of the three and their development(including non-formal logic) form a platform with the basis of modern scienceand technology and human cognitive capability to serve the fields of cognitionand knowledge innovation, which is generally called knowledge logic.

Itis proposed that thinking logically is the only difference between wisdom andnon-wisdom. Human logic is the result of long-term evolution. There are samelogical patterns of human understanding of the nature. The whole nature islogical and the standard of logic.

Studieson Optimal Contract Model and Risk Control of Retail Supply Chains with SupplyUncertainties,a series of papers by Yumei Hou, wonthe second prize of The 14thHebei Social Science AchievementsAward.

The title is a NationalNatural Science Fund program (2011-2013). Integrating the knowledge of manydisciplines including mathematics, economics, management and system science, themembers overcame many difficulties and solved the key problems of "OptimalContract Model and Risk Control of Retail Supply Chains with Supply Uncertainties"with interdisciplinary and systematical methods. The major contribution is asfollows: enriching the theoretical basis for the study of behavioral operation;applying queuing theory to solve behavioral operation problems and providing amodel for the integrative application of queuing theory, game theory andeconomic theory.

Members made a series ofimportant theoretical and practical achievements from Jan. 2012 to Dec. 2013.16 academic papers were published, 3 of which were indexed by SCI and 7 by EI.The research solved the problems of contract design, risk control andinformation sharing, optimal contract pattern, as well as performance andrevenue optimization of retail supply chains with supply uncertainties. Iteliminated the influence of customers’ behavior and personality on retailerservice and the influence of energy saving and charcoal trade on emissionreduction strategies of enterprises in iron and steel industry.

TheInfluence of Chinese Analogy Logic on Chinese Ancient Science, a monograph by Bangfan Liu, won the first prize of The 15thHebeiSocial Science Achievements Award.

Focusing on the influence ofChinese analogy logic on ancient Chinese scientific research including Chinesetraditional mathematics, ancient Chinese agronomy, ancient Chinese medicine andancient Chinese astronomy, the book reviews the literatures and makes analysis,winning the first prize of 2016 Hebei Social Science Achievements Award.

With regard to the question ofJoseph Needham, there is such an answer: ancient Chinese science lacks of logicaltradition or logical reasoning, thus causing the fact that the traditional wayof thinking confines the further development of logics after Ming Dynasty.According to the research conclusions of the book, Chinese analogy logic has apositive influence on the further development of ancient Chinese science, whichhas been reflected in Chinese traditional mathematics. In mathematics, theanalogy-oriented logic was formed and lasted to Song and Yuan.

In terms of ancient Chinesescience, ancient agriculture focuses on the application of analogyof logic, regarding theinteraction between heaven and mankind as the highestpremise of analogy, analogy and categorization as the theoretical compilation ofancient Chinese agronomy, Yi-shu reasoning as the thinking pattern of ancientChinese agronomy elaboration. Yi-shu reasoning is an effective tool for Chinesetraditional medicine, providing a better way to know the nature, human body anddiseases. Analogism is the core of Chinese traditional medical thinking;analogy is the basic method of treatment according to syndrome differentiationof ancient Chinese medicine. The research of ancient Chinese astronomy aredeeply influenced by Yi-shu reasoning. The influence is positive in a period oftime, promoting the progress of the astronomical calendar.

Studies onClassic Marxism Writers’ Discussions on Nationalismand Its Contemporary Significance, a monograph bySannan Zhang, won the first prize of The 15thHebei Social ScienceAchievements Award.

Studies on Classic Marxism Writers’ Discussions onNationalism and Its Contemporary Significanceis the first academicmonograph in China that conducts a systematic study on classic Marxism writers’discussions on nationalism and its contemporary significance.The book is the final outcome of NationalSocial Science Fund program and the funded outcome by Hebei social sciencepublications of important works, totaling 395 thousand words.

Supportedby 18 core papers published by the author in the CSSCI indexed journalsincluding “Ethno-national Studies” and “World Ethno-national Studies”, the booktook 6 years to complete. Its phased achievements won theprovincial-ministerial achievements awards including the Achievements Award ofthe State Ethnic Affairs Commission. It has been published, reprinted, citedand translated by important academic platforms including “Duplications ofNewspaper and Periodicals” by Renmin University of China and China SocialScience Network.

Toa great extent, the book has changed the weak momentum of the previous studieson Marxism-Nationalism. It proposed and verified the viewpoints that Marxism isan important school of nationalism, and the relevant discussions of Marxism areworthy of recognition, and classic Marxism writers’ discussions on nationalismshould be given enough attention, which made a contribution to studies on Hebeinationality politics and Marxism ethnic theory, thus standing an important academicposition. Famous scholars like Mr. Shiyuan Hao (academic committee member ofthe Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and President of Institute of ChineseEthnology) and Mr. Xien Wang (Executive Vice President of Chinese Associationof Ethnic Theory Research) provided the book with careful guidance and high comments.

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