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Computer Science and Technology


Authorized toconfer master degrees, this major aims to prepare students for senior personnelpositions in the fields of computer theory research, computer system design anddevelopment (including hardware system and software system), and computerapplication. Apart from basic theories, students in this major also getsystematic training for practical skills. With solid knowledge, graduates couldwork in research institutes, colleges and universities, mining enterprises andgovernment sectors.


1. Computersoftware

It aims toprepare students for senior personnel positions in the fields of computertheory research and software system design, analysis, development andoperation. Students take courses on and get practical training in computer softwareand its design, analysis, development and operation, which enables studentscompetent in designing and analyzing computer software.

2. Computer andits application

It aims toprepare students for senior personnel positions in the fields of computer systemdesign, hardware and software development and application. Students takecourses on basic theory about computer software and hardware and get practicaltraining in computer system design, development and application which enablesstudents’ competence in computer system design and application.

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